Thursday, March 22, 2007

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I dunno...

Hey out there. Time for yet another quick blog about life and happenings on here in Charlottesville, VA.

Life has been good. Not a whole lot going on, but we've been keeping a regular schedule, keeping busy and having a good time while doing it. :-)

Here's a few quick tidbits.

Friday 3/9 - Liz went to Harrisonburg this weekend for a writer's conference with the ladies in her regular writers group, so I had the evening off to do whatever. Of course, I ended up working on a project. I finally got my DVD collection well organized and accounted for, which took up most of the evening. I've been feeling convicted about some of the movies that I own. I have a lot of movies that truly are awesome. However, the language, violence, and sensuality in them is pretty atrocious. For as much as I enjoy those movies, I'm learning that its just not healthy or necessary to watch movies with such material in them. All that to say, I decided to get rid of about 35 movies, leaving me with about 60 left. I ended the evening by watching Taxi Driver from about midnight to 2am. I couldn't remember it well, but after watching it, I decided that it was a great movie, but would have to go as well.

Saturday 3/10 - Had pretty much the entire day by myself. I woke up around 10:30 or so. The first thing I did was to finish up my movie project and that took me until lunch time. Early in the afternoon, I started on our taxes for the year. That took me just about all afternoon, until it was time for dinner, but I was glad to have them pretty much done! Liz came home around 10 in the evening and it was great to have her back!

Sunday 3/11 - Sunday school and church went great. After church, we went to the first after-church lunch we've been to at Laurel Hill. It was quite a good time and there was vast amounts of great food! :) The weather was phenomenal outside, so after that, we went to Ivy Creek and hiked for the afternoon to work off lunch. We hiked around for about 2 1/2 hours and had a great time. It felt so nice to be out in the warmth after being cold for so long! We were back in time for Awana with the kids and had a nice time with them.

Tuesday 3/13 - We went into church in the evening for the Awana/youth planning meeting. It went really well and I was glad with the direction the church seems to be taking as they grow. :) It also reminded me that I really would like to get baptized sometime soon. I think that its really important and I've put it off way too long!

Thursday 3/15 - We had the Newton family over for dinner tonight and had a nice time with them. I got a bunch of pizza from Pizza Hut which was good. This will be the last time I order from that Pizza Hut though! They have terrible service. If you're ever in CVille, never order pizza from the Seminole Trail Pizza Hut!! Anyways, we had fun with Joey, Barbara, and their three boys. After dinner, we watched the new movie Facing the Giants. It was a good Christian movie and we all really enjoyed it. :-) It has a great message and was very well done. Highly recommended!

Friday 3/16 - After work, we went over to Kim's apartment to have dinner and hang out with Kim and Allen. Had a great time with them. We all ate some good stir-fry chicken and then played Rook for like 3 hours at least! It seemed like the game went on forever, but we all seemed to have a lot of fun. :) We left there a little before midnight.

Saturday 3/17 - We woke up pretty late and had a slow morning. We spent the afternoon getting a lot of tasks done and taken care of, which was really good. There's a lot of small things that you just put off and then the list piles up and ends up taking almost a whole day to get them all done! That's what today was like, but it was good.

Sunday 3/18 - I woke up early around 6 and had a really good quiet time with God. I was so thankful. It seems like every Sunday, I can't wake up until like 8-9 and then am never focused on God going into church. Today was a lot different and it was awesome. After about an hour of good God-time, I made Liz and I a big pancake and egg breakfast. :) Then, we were actually on time for Sunday school! Church was very good and I retained it a lot better this week I think. After church, Howie and Debbie Campbell invited us over to their house for lunch and to hang out. They're local musicians and call themselves "musicianaries". We went out to their house they're renting out by Monticello on some beautiful land. We had a great time getting to talk and fellowship with them. And it was great because we actually did fellowship. I get so tired of having "fellowship meetings" where nobody talks spiritually. But we did, and it was great. We had a fun lunch, the walked around in the woods for awhile, and then came back and Howie and I played some guitar together. It was a great afternoon. They are very neat people and love the Lord a lot and it shows. :-) We made it back from there house to the church in time for Awana. The kids were good tonight and things went well. :)

Monday 3/19 - I thought I was done with taxes, but we had to change some things and it took awhile, but we finally finished up for real tonight! :)

Tuesday 3/20 - The weather was great out, so we played tennis for awhile after I got home from work and got some good exercise. Afterwards, I busted out the grill for the first time in 2007. I grilled up some chicken for Liz to use in our good dinner. It was fun to hang outside this evening smelling the grill as the sun went down. Its the way life should be. :-P

Wednesday 3/21 - At work, I got a letter of commendation for my hard work up in Pittsfield a few weeks ago. That was kind of neat to get recognized for that and I really appreciated it. Its encouraging to know people think you are doing well. :) After work, we had Sid Spain from our church over for dinner. We had a good time getting to know him better and hope that we were an encouragement to him. He's been though some hard times recently, but it was nice to get to talk with him. He's also a very Godly man. God has been good in allowing us to meet and spend time with a lot of the older people in our church. They're all great examples of spiritual character and help me to think more in those terms and set goals for myself. :)

The weekend coming up should be a lot of fun. Liz's family is coming to visit us here for the first time since early July! We're looking forward to having them. :-D

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