Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seek Up

Well, I guess I'll just quickly continue blogging where I left off last...

Friday, 3/23 - After work, the weather was great out, so Liz and I went over towards the Monticello area. There's a nice park and walking path a few miles from Monticello and heads right up to Monticello. We hiked from the start to about 1 1/2 miles to the Monticello gate. It was closed and getting dark by then, so we didn't go any further, but it was quite beautiful and very fun to be out.

Saturday, 3/24 - In the morning, I went with James from church and two Awana boys, Mason and Brennen and we went to a widow's house and racked up a lot of her leaves as something nice to do. It was a lot of work and we only got about half done in the 2 1/2 hours we were there! After we racked, we went to the church and had pizza and then James took us all out to Dips 'N Sips for ice cream. It was a lot of fun. I really like my Awana boys. :-) I got back home around 2 and Liz's family had come into town by then. We spent the afternoon hanging out. We went downtown for a bit and walked around some which was cool. That evening, we went out for dinner at Casella's and had some glorious pizza. I recommend that place a lot. :)

Sunday, 3/25 - Went to church with Liz's family and then afterwards had a big lunch at our place and hung around for the afternoon just chillin. The left later in the afternoon before Liz and I had to go to Awana.

Friday, 3/30 - After work, Liz went out with Barbara to the ladies fellowship night at the church and I had Joey and the boys over for a Nintendo night. That was a lot of fun and we played a bunch of Mario Cart and Smash Brothers. :-)

Saturday, 3/31 - I woke up real early and went to the Men's Breakfast at church at 7:30. It was pretty cool and involved lots of meat. :) The Dellingers arrived later that morning from Blacksburg. We grilled up a bunch of good food and had a fun time visiting with them some. We all went and wandered around downtown some and got some gelato, of course. :) They left around 5 in the evening. Liz and I spent the rest of the evening trying to decide on a movie and finally watched Romancing the Stone, which was okay, but not the greatest!

Sunday, 4/1 - Sunday school, church, and Awana. Not too much else of note today!

Tuesday, 4/3 - The weather was perfect outside and was forecast to be bitter cold later in the week, so I grabbed Liz and we went out for the evening. We went to a place called Sticks and got some good kebobs, kind of like being in Europe again. :) Then, we went downtown and walked around a lot. We tried a new ice cream place called Chap's which was really good. We got shakes and had fun talking while eating outside. Later, we enjoyed the tail end of some bluegrass and then watched a band called Luego play accoustic tunes for awhile. They were really cool and we said hi to them a bit. They were up from Duke and were playing at Miller's that evening. We mozied around some more and then decided to see them play at 10:30. It was pretty neat and we stayed until about 11:15 before we decided we should get some sleep!! They were an neat an interesting band. Check 'em out-

Friday, 4/6 - I had this day as a holiday off work, woohoo! Unfortunately, the weather was freezing (record lows) this weekend, so we didn't do anything much fun. :-/ We spent most of day cleaning up around the house and doing all sorts of housy-projects. Which was good and felt great to get a lot done, but not quite a vacation! At 6:30, we went to the church for a special dinner and Pastor Bruce's Dad spoke about the Jewish Passover in detail. It was pretty interesting and a nice time there. Later that evening, we enjoyed watching You've Got Mail until like 1:30 in the morning. :-P

Saturday, 4/7 - We woke up late and cleaned a little more before going to James and Robin's house for a church party at 2. We had a great time there for a couple hours. We had to leave a little early to get back in time for my parents and Kristin coming. It turns out that they didn't show up until almost 6. We had a fun evening hanging out with them. Made our own pizza which was great. :) We also played Uno by the cozy fire until 2 in the morning! It was crazy, but very fun. :)

Sunday, 4/8 - Everybody woke up really late, but I managed to beat them and made us all pancakes and eggs for breakfast. :) Then we went to a great Easter service at Laurel Hill. After service, we made a big lunch for everyone and hung out around the house. I spent a lot of time watching The Masters golf tourney which was pretty good. It was nice to see Tiger lose! We also did some Easter egg hunts around the house which was a lot of fun and got a little rowdy fighting Kristin and Liz for eggs! We spent some more time talking and stuff into the evening and everyone left around 9. It was a great time with my family, but I was exhausted!

Guess that's all I have.


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