Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Haven't done this in awhile

Man, its really hard to keep up with blogging anymore. Its been a month and I haven't done anything! It felt like a really fast month. I guess it was a little shorter than usual because of February and all, but still.

Well, I'm just going to quickly blog about some cool happenings in the last month and keep it simple. :-)

weekend of 2/9 - 2/11 - I can't remember really doing much this weekend; I think we spent a lot of it working around the house and cleaning up the guest room, etc. We watched the first Indiana Jones movie on Saturday night. I love it. :) Sunday, the Riesners took us out for lunch after church which was fun. We ate at Timberwood Grill and enjoyed getting to know them a little better.

Tuesday 2/13 - It snowed/ice a decent amount today. Pretty, but not fun to go to work in!

Wednesday 2/14 - Liz and I went out for Valentine's Day dinner at the Holiday Inn across town. They have an Italian restaurant inside and it was decent. Not the best food I've had, but it was a quite place and we had fun there.

Friday 2/16 - Anna Westman came for a visit which was fun. She wanted to see the BBurg HS swim team at UVA, but in the meantime, she got to hang with us. :) We went out for pizza up in Ruckersville at an awesome pizzeria called Vinnie's. It was very good. After that, we drove over to United Christian Academy to see UCA play Dayspring at basketball. Liz got to see some old teachers and friends from Dayspring. :) After the games, we took Anna downtown and walked around some and stopped for gelato (of course!). The gelato was glorious and I had a very robust and tasty coffee there too. :-P

Saturday 2/17 - We took Anna early to campus for the swim meet and we watched a little bit of it from outside the arena. Later on that night, we went over to Lauren and Muggsie's to babysit Tahlia while they went out on their first date in a year, since Tahlia was born! She slept the whole time and we just watched the second Indiana Jones, so it was cake. :)

Sunday 2/18 - Sunday school, then church, then lots of shopping, then Awana. Busy day, but good!

Monday 2/19 - After work, Liz and I did lots of grocery shopping and some shopping for frames and such at Michael's. It was a long evening, but I really enjoyed getting to shop some and be with Liz. It seems like we don't get out much anymore, even if its for mundane things like groceries!

Tuesday 2/20 - We had our pastor and his family (the Goldsmiths) come over for dinner. We had a good time with them. They're really cool people and very down to earth and easy to be with. It was a fun evening. :)

Wednesday 2/21 - We went to evening service at Laurel Hill for the first time in awhile. It was pretty good.

Friday 2/23 - Summer came for a visit this weekend. On Friday, we cooked her dinner here which took a little longer than we thought! I made a cozy fire and we all had fun hanging out and talking.

Saturday 2/24 - I woke up early to go to the men's breakfast at church for the first time ever, only to find that it had been canceled because of a funeral! Oh well. I had fun talking to Pastor Bruce for awhile anyways. Liz and Summer went out shopping and around town for most of the day together. I took the opportunity to catch up on my never ending photo project. Got a bit done. :) That evening, we all went back downtown to the Corner and ate some glorious Chinese food at First Wok. It was quite good. Summer had to leave unfortunately because of ice and stuff coming in at night, so Liz and I watched the third Indiana Jones together at night. :)

Sunday 2/25 - I was feeling sick and we skipped Sunday school, but went to church. We had the first meeting about going to Romania. Liz and I are praying and trying to decide whether to take part in a missions trip there in September. That evening, Awana was canceled and we went to bed really early, so as not to get more sick!

Monday 2/26 - I left on my first business trip with Sperry. It was up to Pittsfield, Massachusetts for our first big software release. Liz took me to the airport around 8 in the morning. I waited there with Ray and Karl for a long time as they delayed our flight over and over because of the terrible fog. They finally canceled it. We tried to book another flight from anywhere, to pretty much anywhere up there, but everything was either canceled or booked! It was crazy. So, we finally decided to just drive and left C-Ville at 11:30. Stopped for a big lunch at Uno's in Gainesville and then drove for a long time, switching drivers a couple times. An exciting moment happened in the early evening. We ended up in the heart of Patterson, New Jersey which was a very sketch place! It was definitley very ghetto and somewhere we got out of in a hurry! Ray was in the back seat navigating me through the narrow streets via his laptop! It was crazy. When we got into New York state, it starting icing and snowing a bit, which made the driving slower and more exciting...we finally made it safely to our nice hotel around 11pm. What a long day!

Tuesday 2/27 - We ate breakfast at the hotel which was so-so, and then went into GD. Today went pretty well with the software. We had a good lunch at a place called 99. For dinner, we started with drinks and wings at Patrick's, then Karl left. Ray and I went out to find a recommended Italian place. We got directions from a waitress, but later found out they were wrong! In the meantime, we spent almost an hour driving all over Pittsfield looking for this place! We FINALLY found it, but by that time it was closed! We then drove to Lenox in search of anything to eat, and found an amazing Greek restaurant that was family owned. The food was incredible. I've never been so full!!

Wednesday 2/28 - Had breakfast at a fun 50's-style diner. Work was harder today and things didn't go as well as we had hoped. We were there pretty late. :-/ After work, we went out for dinner and got some awesome steaks at Dakota's. It was a very cool place to dine. Kind of like a nice lodge.

Thursday 3/1 - Breakfast again at the diner. Had a great quiche. Work went a lot better today. We hit some snags, but by the end of the day had everything up and running to some degree. So that was very good. :) We had a finishing dinner at Patrick's and I spent the later part of the evening walking around the streets of Pittsfield talking to Steve and Liz on the phone. :)

Friday 3/2 - We drove up to Albany to catch our flight out of town. It was snowing and icy, so we were a little concerned, but everything worked out just fine. All told, the flights were delayed about an hour and I got into CVille around 4 rather than 3, but that was okay. I enjoyed the small plane from Philadelphia to CVille. There was only about 12 of us and I got my own row. It was fun to fly over Philly, the Baltimore, then D.C., and then coming into CVille was beautiful. It was a lovely weather out by the time we touched down. :-D It felt great to be back home and to see Liz again. I was quite happy. It didn't last long though, because we promptly hit the road to drive home to Sterling. We got up there a little before 8 and had a nice dinner with my family and then we all chilled around and talked more until late at night. :)

Saturday 3/3 - Woke up very late and chilled around the house a lot of the day. In the afternoon, Liz and I spent a lot of time shopping at Kohl's and found some good stuff. :) Then, we went out with my parents and picked up Gussie. We all went to the evening service at McLean Bible Church at 6:30. It was pretty good. That church is just huge and I didn't feel totally comfortable there, but it was okay. The music was cool. :) After service, we all went out to Wendy's for dinner and had a fun time together. It was nice to see Gussie again. We took her home around 9:30, then came back home for Mom's pie and some more fun time talking with the 'rents.

Sunday 3/4 - Slept in a lot again. Liz and I slipped out in late morning to do quick shopping in town, but were back in time for Kristin's birthday surprise. She got back around 12:30 and we all surprised her. :) We had a fun time in the afternoon celebrating her birthday. We had pizza and placed Dance Revolution a whole bunch. Also had some party cake! :) It was fun to hang out with the family this weekend and get to see them. Liz and I finally left around 8:45 and made good time back down to CVille.

Tuesday 3/6 - Finished getting the piano tuned. It sounds great now...I'm pretty happy about it. :-)

That's all!!

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