Thursday, February 08, 2007

word up

Hello out there.

Here's a quick little blog to catch up on past life events of the last couple weeks.

Starting with Saturday, 1/20, that was a chill day. We woke up late and made a big breakfast and then didn't do too much the rest of the day. I think we watched the old (and long) Around the World in 80 Days that night. Sunday, we went to church and it snowed during church. It was fairly exciting, being our first snow in CVille. :-) It was kinda icy and nasty all afternoon, so we didn't go out in it. Sunday night, Jared and Kerri called us up and invited us over to hang out, eat chocolate cake, and play Clue. We had a nice time with them. :) Liz's birthday was Monday the 22nd. I woke up at 6am and made her a big chocolate cake from scratch. It was a larger task than I had predicted! It took almost 2 hours and I tried to be really quiet not to wake her up! It still needed to cool for a long time, but I needed to get to work, so I put the frosting on anyways and it made the cake crumble a little bit. We had a piece for breakfast. :-) I think it was the richest, sweetest cake ever, and terrible for us. I snuck home from work without warning for lunch and surprised her and made some quick soup and sandwiches. :) After work, we went out for dinner at Brick Oven Pizza and ordered a crazy pizza with chicken, pineapple, ranch dressing, among other things. It was great. It was a bad night to be there with like 100+ high school girls having a party, but it worked out okay. After dinner, she opened presents and stuff and had more cake. It was a fun birthday for her. :)

Liz left to go home on that Tuesday to visit her family and friends in Blacksburg that week. Tuesday night, I went over to the Newton's house for dinner and to hang out. It was an awesome time. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and had fun playing with their boys. When their boys went to bed, I had some really good talking time with Joey and Barbara. I look forward to spending more time with them. :) Wednesday and Thursday, I just chilled around the house and got some pet projects done, which was very nice to have the time for. After work on Friday, I left to drive home to Sterling. I got there around 6 and had a fun dinner with my parents and Jon. Then promptly drove off to meet Sean, Tony, and their friends at the Patriot Center for the O.A.R. concert. I actually was going to Red, Hot, and Blue to meet Sean before the show, but got lost in the mess of Fairfax, so I was really late. :-/ The show was fun and it was nice to catch up with Sean a little bit. O.A.R. was a little bit of a let down for me. I was expecting a little more from them. Perhaps it was my side-stage seat. :-? On Saturday, I got up late, then met Tim, Tony, Jen, and Ken at Kings Buffet for lunch and enjoyed catching up a little more. :) The afternoon, I spent at home going through my stuff in my room and boxing it up to bring with me to CVille. Saturday night I went over to Tim's house for a party and had a great time there. We played a number of games there with Tim's parents, their friends, Dana, and her friends. I got back late from that and then talked to Liz on the phone for a long time before finally getting to bed a like 1:45! Felt like old college days! Sunday, I awoke late to a glorious big breakfast with my parents. :-D The afternoon, I spent finishing boxing up stuff from my room and then spent some time chillin with Mom and Dad before leaving around 5. My car was loaded to the brim with boxes of my stuff! It was remarkable. I got back here around 7. That night was nice. I put on a fire and had some really good Bible reading time by the fire. I really needed that rejuvenation. Liz came back on Monday evening and I made us a big, scrumptious ravioli dinner and had fun catching up with her.

The week back together went okay. We had a couple hard evenings. Perhaps it was hard re-adjusting to being together again? One evening, I tried fixing the cuckoo clock and ended up taking the whole thing apart and trying to figure out how to put it back together. It was not fun at all. Its still not quite done... U had my first dentist appointment here on Thursday morning. I was pretty happy with the place; they were quite nice. On Friday the 2nd, we had Allen and Kim over for pizza and a movie. I ordered from Pizza Hut and got there to pick it up and they were swamped and quickly running out of ingredients! I waited a long time and then got my pizza and left. Allen and I got back home and noticed that we didn't have the right pizzas. :-/ Like a minute later, the Pizza Hut guy called me back and said he had the right pizzas there. So, we got 4 pizzas for like $10! Ended up pretty sweet. :) Anyhow, we watched 12 Monkeys with them and then played a few hands of Egyptian Ratscrew. It was a fun evening. :) Saturday, we woke up late and had a lazy morning together. The afternoon was nice and we got some good things done. That evening we went downtown to dinner at Wild Wing Cafe and had a fun time talking. The wings were pretty decent. :) It was our one-year anniversary of our engagement. :-D Sunday church was very good and we spent some time afterwards shopping at Target and some grocery stores. That evening, we worked with the Awana kids at Laurel and then stayed for the Super Bowl party. We had a fun time there pigging out and spending time with people from our church. I really enjoyed getting to talk to Pastor Bruce near the end of the night. It was an awesome talk and made the whole night worth it. :)

This week, nothing too much has happened. We got the piano tuned on Tuesday. It was round one, since its so out of tune. I think it sounds a little better though. Tuesday night, Jen and her little boy Nash came over for dinner and we had a nice time with her. I enjoyed playing with Nash...he has way too much energy! We woke up Wednesday morning to a couple inches of snow; it was beautiful! It was a shame I still had to go to work. :-P

Guess that's it for now. :)

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