Saturday, January 20, 2007


here's a quick remembrance of the last two weeks...

The week before this past one went pretty well. It seems like we kept fairly busy with just chores around the house in the evenings. Work was busy too, which is good. I've had lots of stuff to work on lately and have been getting more responsibility slowly, which is nice. I can't remember the last time I was bored at work. So, I'm thankful for that. :-) Liz went to her writing club meeting in Harrisonburg on Thursday night and I chilled at home a bit. On Friday the 12th, Kristin came down on her way to Blacksburg and had lunch with us. We went out to the China King Buffet place right down 29 from us and it was good times. :) Saturday, it was very warm outside again, so we spent some time in the afternoon playing tennis at the courts behind our townhouse. In the evening, it was time for the Sperry winter dance. :) We got all dressed up and went downtown to the very nice Omni Hotel here. At the beginning, we all just stood around with free drinks and cheese and stuff and then went into the ballroom for a nice dinner. We sat with a younger couple and got to know them a little bit, which was nice. Then later on that evening, we danced the night away with all the crazy Sperry people. It was pretty fun and the DJ played some fun songs to dance to. But, he played too much rap and stuff and the only people dancing to that were the way drunk ones! We left a little before midnight when we had finally had enough! It was fun though. :)

This week has been a very busy and fast one! Sunday church was very of the best messages I've heard from Pastor Bruce. He's really been on fire this year. :) We chilled out around here after church and then had a nice time with the Awana kids in the evening. I was encouraged to get to work with them a little more this week and they did pretty well. Monday was exciting. I called Charlottesville Piano around 1pm to set up an appointment to move Mom and Dad's piano to our house in two weeks while Liz was gone as a surprise birthday present to come home to. So, I called them, and the guy was like "I think our mover is up that way already you want to do it today for cheaper?". So, I called home, but Mom was gone out all afternoon and Dad was at work. Dad said he'd try to race home so the mover could meet up with him. So, he did and it worked out just in time! The mover got the piano at 3:30 in Sterling and it was here in CVille by 5:30. :-) Liz was still quite surprised. It worked out just great and I was so thankful for a MUCH cheaper move. It also freed me up that last weekend in January to go visit friends in Sterling. :) So, God was really good in working all of that out for us. We spent Monday evening reorganizing the living room area because it was crazy! We had all our stuff plus the Christmas tree, and then a new piano! We took down the tree and cleaned up some. Tuesday evening was pretty much dedicated to cleaning and moving stuff around also. It seems like we did more of that on Wednesday too! The house is spotless now though. :) On Thursday evening, we had The Newtons from our church over for dinner and that was fun. They're missionaries back on furlough for a year and we've gotten to meet them through Laurel Hill. They're a little bit older than us, but still around our age, so we can relate pretty well and enjoy being with them. They have three little boys, but two of them got sick and couldn't come for dinner. :( We enjoyed the evening with the Joey and Barbara and their youngest son though. On Friday, I went out doing some birthday shopping for Liz after work. :) Then came home and went over with Liz to Lauren and Mugsy's house right behind us to fix their wireless networking problems. I did and then they invited us to stay for dinner with them, so we did and had a great time. :) It was a lot of fun getting to know them a bit better. They're a cool couple. We were there until a little after 9:00 and then chilled out here for a bit.

Well, thats a quick (or not so quick) summary of the last couple weeks. Its been busy, but a good type of busy. :) We've had a lot of fun and gotten to spend time with peeps lately.

I'm looking forward to a 100% chance of 1-3 inches of SNOW tomorrow!!!

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