Sunday, November 12, 2006

The week gone by

It's been a pretty busy week gone by.

Last weekend on Friday, we hung out around the house doing some project-type things (including blogging!) and then went out for dinner around 8 downtown. I had a hankering for Chinese so we checked out Peking restraunt. It was pretty decent food and we had fun talking there because it was nice and quiet and private. We were the only ones there most of the time. :-) After that, we watched the old classic Mel Brooks film Young Frankenstein. It was a very cold weekend so we spent most of it inside. On Saturday, I made us a smashing breakfast in bed. Then we spent pretty much all day working on unpacking boxes in the guest room and organizing that. In the afternoon we took a break for lunch and watched Mafia!, a pretty odd movie. It had some funny parts and spoofed The Godfather quite well, but overall was pretty bad. Sunday we had church at Laurel Hill. Later in the evening we were out back and ran into Jared and Kerri and they invited us over to dinner for Kerri's birthday. So we enjoyed a fun evening with them and good food. :)

This week went pretty fast. On Tuesday, we made an "emergency" trip out to Stanton when I got home from work. There was a laptop that I wanted to buy Liz for Christmas that was on a great sale at Wal-Mart, but they had sold out right away pretty much everywhere. When I called the store in Stanton, they had one that had been on layaway but had just come off and was up for grabs. So we drove out there fast and it was still there, so I was pretty thankful for that. I couldn't surpise Liz, but oh well. We shopped in the Wal-Mart there and enjoyed it because it was 1000 times better than the one here. Then had a fun dinner at Cracker Barrel. I think we ate too much though... :-P. Wednesday, we had Allen and Kim from my job over for dinner to get to know them better. We really enjoyed having them and Liz made some great mexican food for us. :) I really enjoyed learning and playing Dutch Blitz too. Thursday evening, Liz headed off with a nice lady from our church and went to a Christian writers group in Harrisonburg and had a great time with them. I enjoyed some down-time all evening getting to work on some pet projects. On Friday, the weather was beautiful, so I grabbed Liz and we drove over to UVA to explore around before sunset. We enjoyed a nice walk all around campus for a couple hours. Saturday was an incredible day weather-wise also. We spent the afternoon hiking almost 4 miles at Ragged Mountain Natural Area. Its only about 10-15 minutes from here and is a beautiful hike around two large lakes. Very nice. :) Later in the evening, Jared and Kerri came over and we got some pizza, a salad, pie, and root beer floats and watched 2/3 of Lord of the Rings (part 1) before they got tired and left. Today (Sunday) we really enjoyed service at Laurel Hill. The afternoon has been pretty chill and we went back to church tonight and enjoyed it again. I also bought some firewood when we got back. Pretty excited about it. :-)

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