Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yes, the last couple weeks have been filled with trips and thus, pretty busy. It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be back to more of a normal week now. Here's a summary:

The week of 11/13-11/16 I worked 10 hour days Mon-Thurs so that I could take Friday off. It was tiring, but not too terrible. During the week, we had Paul Godfrey over for dinner on that Tuesday evening and that was a lot of fun to catch up with him for awhile. Liz made some excellent lasagna. :) We left for the weekend on Thursday evening and went up to Sterling to visit my family and some friends. We dropped off my car Thursday night at Glenn's to get looked at and then enjoyed some late-night cheesecake with my family. :) Friday morning, we went down to pick up my car in Vienna. Thankfully, nothing was too wrong...yet. Then we looked at some furniture at Velma's house. After that, Mom went home and then Liz and I went shopping at Tysons Corner mall. Its huge now! We spent about 4 hours in there getting through it all. It was fun, but tiring too. We got home around mid-afternoon or so. Early that evening, we met Tim and Joey and we all headed off to D.C. to see the Caps play the Hurricanes. We got some cheap seats and had a nice time. Afterwards, we all hung out at the Chop House for awhile and then took the Metro back to the car. Tim was a little too tipsy to drive his car, so I did instead. :P He also claimed that you didn't have to pay the new Metro parking fee after midnight, so we waited in the car almost 20 minutes to save the money before finding out that you had to pay up until 3am. :-P Finally, we left and then drove straight to Leesburg to visit Tony at his new apartment. That was pretty fun. We dropped off Joey later, then drove back to Sterling. I think Liz and I finally made it back to my house around 2:15. Saturday, we definitley slept in for awhile. :) Then we lazed around a little before going out to shop at Linens and Things. After that, we went over around 4:00 to visit Justin W and Rob at their new house in Herndon. Had a good time with them hanging out and catching up. :) We stayed there until about 6:30 and then came home and had an early Thanksgiving with my family. Had a great big dinner and then watched an old movie called Adam's Rib afterwards. :) Sunday morning, me, Liz and Mom went to a new church at 10am. It was called Loudoun County Bible Church and it met in Stone Bridge High School. It ended up being a black church, which was a change of pace for us, but we actually really enjoyed it. The music was a lot of fun and the pastor was actually very good and encouraging. After church, Liz and I went out to lunch with Tim, Tony, and Ken & Mike Diaz. We all ate at Logan's and had a fun time catching up a bit. :) After lunch, we went to Linens and Things again, and then to the mall for awhile. Later on, we spent some time with my family before leaving Sterling around 8 or so.

Last week started off tiring. On Monday, I worked 12 hours which just about fried my brain. Tuesday, I worked 10 hours and then took 2 hours vacation so I could take off on Wednesday. I got off of work around 5 on Tuesday and then we left here for Blacksburg. We spent the night at Liz's house. On Wednesday morning, Liz, me, and Doug left to visit Mema in North Carolina. We got to her house around 11:30 and spent some hours visiting with her. Their cousin Wes was there too so I got to meet him. We all enjoyed some Scrabble too. :) Liz, me, and Doug left there around 4:15 and headed on down to Charleston, South Carolina for Thanksgiving festivities. We stopped for dinner at a Chick Fil A and made it to S.C. around 10:30 and stayed with Jane and Eric in their sweet house. Thursday morning, we drove over to Limerick and met up with Liz's parents and Laura there for the big get-together. We had a nice time with Liz's extended family eating great food and hanging out on Uncle Jim's land. It was a pretty relaxing time and I spent a lot of time sitting around the fire pit. :-) We came back to Jane and Eric's that night and had a fun time shooting pool and playing foosball in their new game room. Friday, we slept in. In the afternoon, Liz's family and us went to go tour downtown Charleston for awhile. We spent some time around The Battery area and along the water. It was so beautiful. We had a late lunch at Bessinger's BBQ which was very good. Then did some shopping in the fancy downtown area until dark. In the evening, we were back at Jane and Eric's house for another extended family event - El Grande where we all pigged out on great Mexican food. :) Liz and I ate quick and then raced out to the shoe store to get her Liz some shoes that we had seen earlier in the day but she couldn't decide on. We got there 10 minutes before closing and found a nice pair so we could get in on the one-day sale. :-P We came back and spent the rest of the evening with her family and played some more pool. :) Saturday morning was slow and restful. We packed up and left Jane and Eric's a little after noon. Us and Liz's family went to Cousin Destiny's house to visit with her, Connie, and Peggy some more. After that, we stopped by the hardware store and got some great boiled peanuts. :) Then, we all went to Sullivan's Island and spent some time touring Fort Moultrie which was cool and also walked the beach a little bit. :) The weather was incredible this weekend. We finally left around 4 and drove on back towards Blacksburg, stopping for Maurice's yummy BBQ and a much-needed Arby's Jamocha shake. :) We got into Blacksburg around 11:30 and got on to bed! Sunday morning, we went to BCF for church with Liz's family and it was nice. The afternoon was slow just hanging out around Liz's house. We watched an incredible sunset and went for a walk in her neighborhood. Kristin got off work around 6 and me, Liz, Doug, and Laura met her at Macado's afterwards for some fun dessert. :) We saw Kristin a little later on our way out of town around 9 when we picked up Shadow and hit the road for home!

So, all that to say, its been fun and busy lately. It was nice to see so many people and some new places too. :)

Here's some pics:

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