Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well that was crazy

I finally made it through the crunch of madness that was the first two days of this week. I had a lot of stuff due Monday and Tuesday after break, but I got it all done, and it feels good to have a little bit of breathing room before new things become due. :)

The weekend was beautiful weather, but I didn't get to enjoy it too much, unfortunatley. Most of my time was dedicated to schoolwork this weekend.

Saturday also saw Liz and I taking a drive off into the wilderness and having a nice talk. It was needed and I hope to work on reviving our relationship a little from the doldrums of busy schedules. I hope I can learn to love her better the next couple of months and prioritize time with her over my work. I haven't done so well with that so far this semester.

Monday, Liz and I had a good Bible study together for the first time in forever. We dug into the beginning of 2 Peter a little bit. I was really thankful for it and hope to lead us better spiritually as well. I'm learning that maintaining relationships actually takes effort and hard work. I think I've forgotten that over time.

Last night, I finished up my work day and decided to do something special for Liz. I cooked up a big dinner using a new recipe that I was excited about. It was an Italian penne cassorole. :-) Turned out just great and we had a nice, quiet dinner by candlelight. :) Afterwards, we actually sat and watched a movie together! It was amazing! It feels like its been six months since I last made her dinner and mellowed out to a movie. I was so glad to be able to do it again. :) We watched Enemy at the Gates, which I love, and I think she enjoyed it pretty well.

Guess that's all for now. The rest of this week looks pretty fun. Playing music for Awana tonight, Newsboys concert Thursday night, and something fun for Curt's birthday on Friday. :-)

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