Monday, March 20, 2006

Having a little fun lately

It's been nice to have the amount and severity of schoolwork let up a little bit this last week. Plus, its been great not having so many other pressures of planning other things weighing me down too. I've actually had some fun lately.

I've been playing my guitar quite a bit lately. I got to play for Awana last Wednesday and then in Sunday school yesterday and had lots of fun doing so.

On Thursday, we went to the Winter Jam concert in Roanoke. It was fun for the most part. I got a little bitter getting over there with traffic/missing our exit. Me, Liz, Laura, and Paul eventually had a good Subway dinner before the show. We made it to the arena just after the show started and were able to find everyone else to sit with. The show was okay. Most of the bands were just plain crappy and everything was unecessarily loud. I did enjoy Zoe Girl and Newsboys pretty well. Everyone else deserved ear plugs. I also enjoyed the "intermission" where the tour pastor shared his testimony. It was pretty cool. The rotating mid-air drumset solo during the Newsboys set was also pretty sweet. So, it was up and down, but I was glad to be out.

Friday was Curt's birthday and St. Patty's Day. Me, Liz, Doug, and Laura drove out to Curt's to meet up with him and some others. We all had a nice dinner at El Potro's and then headed out to Floyd for good times. Here's a picture of Curt flat-footing for the celebration:

We had a pretty good time there, but we got there kind of late (9:30) and the band left early, so we only saw about 45 minutes of bluegrass. Ah well...afterwards, us four came back to my house and played Super Mario Kart for a bit and then walked over to Joey's to meet up with the rest of the group again. We all played Mario Party until a little after 2am. It was pretty fun. :) Doug and Laura drove home, then Liz and I ended up talking for quite awhile out in the street. It was a really good talk and she finally left just before 3. :P

Saturday was not so much of a fun day, but it was a useful day for getting lots of things done. I've also had fun catching up with a lot of friends the last few days. I've been working on wedding invitations and gathering addresses, so I've spent a lot of time calling, emailing and IMing friends and catching up a bit. :)

On Sunday, Liz and I had a nice time going out for Andrew's birthday at Sharkeys. We got the chicken wing buffet. :-D It was good as always, but they had trouble keeping up with making food for everyone. We had a fun time with Andrew and some other guys from BSU. :)

It was also great to talk on the phone with Steve C for an hour Sunday. It encouraged me a lot to be a good friend to him and help him through some hard things in his mind. I hope he continue to confide in me for advice and stuff. God is good to give me this opportunity with him. :)

I've really enjoyed continuing reading on in my husband book. I'm learning a lot and God has laid a lot of encouraging thoughts on my heart. It was also a lot of fun to start working on the marriage workbook for our counselling coming up with the Dellingers. I've really missed serious thought about Liz and our relationship, so it's been great getting more of that lately. I'm very excited about doing the counselling with the Dellingers. It starts tonight and we'll meet once a week. :)

This week holds more schoolwork than last. I need to get a good start on the next round of projects coming up. Hopefully we can get wedding invites out at the end of the week or so. Other than that, not much.

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