Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why Georgia

Last Thursday:
Today was okay. Got up and crammed a little for my math test. Then went to work and then took my test, which royally sucked. It was pretty stinkin long and hard and I definitely failed it. :-( There was like 7 proofs on it. Blah. Went back to work and finished the day a little after 5. Then Liz came over at 5:30 and we went to Kroger and Food Lion to get some food for myself and also for the cookout on Saturday. It's always cool to do real stuff like shop for groceries with her. :) We got back after an hour or so and then went jogging together around Foxridge which was a lot of fun and a good workout. :) She left just before 8 when Curt came over to hang out. I grilled up some cheddarwursts and awesome chicken and me, Curt, and Chris chilled out in the backyard. At 10, us three and the Steves had the ultimate Oreo Time. Was a bunch of fun and lasted an entire hour! :P Curt and I went back to the backyard again at 11 and enjoyed some quality talking time until around 1:30 in the morning. I was suprisingly not that tired, lol! I think I finally got to bed around 2.

Fun day today, interesting morning. I was exhausted and the power went out last night and I set my alarm all weird, so I essentially didn't wake up. Chad called me at like 7:15 saying that he would be late from the power out and couldn't let me in at 7:30 like normal. So, I went into work at like 7:45 and thankfully Nathan showed up early and I was able to get in. But, I'm really thankful Chad called me, or else I would've like slept until 10 or something. :-P I went out to lunch with everybody today because it was Karen's last day. We went to El Guadalupe and it was a lot of fun. First time I'd been out to lunch with everybody. :-) I'll have to do it again sometime, because they're pretty fun guys. So, got back to work after lunch and then had some stress because Chris got sick and wanted me to cancel my cookout, so I did and then make last-minute plans with Liz, Curt and Kristin trying to get everyone together to go to Floyd. About 20 phone calls later, I had stuff set up. Got off work around 4:45 and then went home to regroup for a few minutes before heading out to pick up Liz a little after 6. I got her and Laura and then picked up Kristin on campus and we went to the Burger King in Christiansburg for dinner and then on to Floyd to meet up with everyone else for bluegrass. :-) It was a great time. I had fun with the girls at BK and in the car and we had a great time dancing to the Jugbusters and had some excellent ice cream at the end. Kristin got to dance with Zorro which was definitely the highlight of the night. LOL! :P Great time overall and we were very tired from way too much dancing. :) I took everyone back home, talked with Liz for awhile in the car trying to work some stuff out and then got home and to bed at like 1:30 or so.

I was dogg tired, so I slept in until 9 or 10 or something. Felt great. :) I went and got Liz and we went over to Harvest at 10:30 to help out with "grounds day" or whatever. We picked weeds for two hours which kinda sucked, but it looks a lot better now, so that's good. We went back to her house and tried to make plans for the afternoon. Then Liz decided to go out with Bec for ice cream, so I headed back to my place for lunch and to just get some stuff done. Around 3, I went out with Chris and Steve and we drove over to the airport where there was a good view of the stadium and we watched the stealth bomber fly over the stadium for the beginning of the Hokies game. It was awesome! It flew right over the stadium towards us and then right over top of us. Is was so quiet coming at us and then crazy-loud once it went by. Very cool! Afterwards, we drove to Sonic and Chris got some grub. We had a fun time together. Liz came over when she was done with Bec. I think she came at 5 or 6 or something. We headed to Wal-Mart and Target and Home Depot together to pick up various supplies. And she wanted to get my opinion on some clothes for her at Target. :P It was a very nice time though. I really love to do "normal" errands and stuff in life with her. Having her along makes it more fun. Makes me feel married to. :O :-D We went back to her house after the errands and had dinner with her family around 8:30. Then we all watched the Count of Monte Cristo together and it was great. It's such a good movie and they hadn't seen it before and they all enjoyed it a lot. I was very thankful, because everybody was into it and stayed awake for it until it ended at 12:30 in the morning. Most movies they snooze off for or leave and stuff, so I was stoked to find one that kept everybody awake and interested. :-) I left there late and got to bed real late again (like 3am!). :-/

Woke up pretty stinkin groggy and out of it, but had to go pick up my ladies. I got Liz and then Kristin and we went to Sunday school and church. Both were pretty good today. Dennis Chapman spoke, whom I really like and he has another good message today. :) After church, we three went to Kroger to get some food and Kristin needed to stock up on some stuff, so it took a little while. It was okay though and I took her back to her dorm and then went back to Liz's. I made some chicken Parmesan for them for lunch with some pasta and it all turned out pretty well. I had a few issues, including really burning myself good, but it went nicely an we finally got to eat a little after 3. :) Then, I spent some time working on looking into stuff for the job fair on Tuesday. At 6, Liz and I went out to the evening service to hear Dennis speak again, which was nice. After the service, we went back to my place to have a "quick" dinner before Liz had to head back home. Ended up being a long and fun dinner. I fired up the mini-grill in the back yard and chilled back there with Liz and some Tikis. We put on some cheddarwursts and she made some mac and cheese. :-) We had a great talk about some serious stuff on her heart too, which was great because I had been really missing having deep talks with her. Very nice time. I think she left at 10:30 or something somewhat later than she had intended. :P I finally got to bed at a decent hour also; like 11:30.

Not that great of a day. Started off with my car not starting because I was an idiot and let my gas run way too low. :( So I woke up Liz and she came over with a gas can to help me out, which was great of her, but I felt bad that she had to. I should've just figured something else out. Anyhow, I got to work a little after 8 and then worked a long day of OT until just after 6. Was exhaustified. Came home, made some dinner and then spent the evening alone trying to research some companies for the job fair. It was real boring and all the websites just kinda blurred together. Ah well. Went to bed a little after 11.

Work, then a hard class and then work for a little while. I left at 2 and went to the job fair which was craziness. It worked out great though. I was really nervous going in, but at the very beginning I ended up talking to Chris and Megan from Riva, and then Dan R from Carderock and then the first businessman I talked to, we ended up talking about golf most of the time. :-P I think it was God working and answering prayer that allowed me to talk to those other people because it leveled me out and got me sociable and ready to talk to the other recruters. So that was very cool and I was quite thankful for how it worked out. I talked to about 12 other recruiters and had some good chats about stuff. I had fun with it. The best were probably Brian Donovan who was recruiting for Adaptive Methods, some guy with AGI and then this lady with some company who liked me a lot and wanted to make me a salesman. I talked with her awhile and then told her that I wanted to get married and traveling all the time would suck. :-P But it was fun and I spent almost 3 hours at the job fair. Came home and then made Liz a quick but special candlelit dinner of soup and chicken bites. :) She came over for that around 7:30 and it was nice and then she just did homework and I worked on some bills and such until she left around 10:30. I got to bed a bit after 11.

Went to work which was hard and crappy and then got off at 3:30 and went over to campus to state my case for my parking ticket appeal against the committee. It was like 10 people and very scary, so I kinda sucked in my defense. Oh well, there goes $30. :-/ Then went back to work at 4 and worked another 2 hours. Got home, warmed some leftovers, then rolled out to Awana at 6:30. Pretty boring night there- didn't really do much of anything. Didn't do games, was brain-dead in our group time and I barely did any verses with anyone. Oh well...blah on Awana. Afterwards, Liz came over and worked on some work with me again until 10:30-11 or so.

Lousy work and then class, then work some more until 5. I got off, came home and played guitar a little before heading off with Curt to PKs at 6:30. We had a good time there; got the most excellent chicken-wing pizza and some hefezweizen which was grand. Had a good chat and then came back to my place around 9:30 and took some time in the back yard to talk a little more and then pray together which was really nice. I was so glad we got to do that. :) He left around 10:30 and I left to go over and visit Liz and surprise her. I think I did a little. :) We got to go on a little night walk and talk about our days and stuff. It was great to be with her. :-H Left just before midnight and got home for bed.

Was a pretty good end of the week today. Had a better attitude about work today and actually finally found the bug crash that I had been searching for for days! I was stoked about that, now I just need to find the best solution for it. :P I left early at 2:30 since I had one extra hour put in already. I went over to the VT course and played nine holes of golf with a couple other guys. I played really great- I think possibly my best round ever- one-over 37. :-) Had two bogies and one birdie. It was actually pretty boring, to be honest. Drive-approach shot-chip, putt, etc, etc, etc. None of those crazy slices into the trees or water to keep me on my toes. :-P So that was good to get out there and then I picked up Liz at 5:30 and took her over to spend the last hours of daylight at Pandapas pond chilling and fishing. It was just beautiful there and so nice to be out with her. She had fun trying to fish. We didn't catch anything, of course. :-/ But, whatever, it was a lot of fun. Around 7:30 we headed off to the Martin's big house to feed all their pets. Took a little time, but it was fun and just beautiful at their house. Way out in the country on a little farm, it was just so peaceful and nice outside and the stars were great. Very chill. :-D We got back to Liz's house around 8:30-9 and did a little Bible study in Ephesians and then Liz practiced piano before we had a late pizza dinner with her family at 10. That was very nice to get everyone together. Mr. P let me try an Octoberfest Sam Adams with him, which I must say, was very very good. :-) Doug randomly put on The Burbs movie around 11 and I stayed to watch about 45 minutes of it and then left when Liz was conking out. :P Got home and to bed by 12:30.


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