Thursday, September 15, 2005

behind again


Last Sunday:
Today was a decent day. I got up early with Liz and we went to the 8:15 service at RBC. Mike preached about Hurricane Katrina and it was good stuff to hear. :) Then we went back home and Mom made us a big breakfast which was just smashingly good. After breakfast, we just hung out some, chilled in the hammock for a bit and then left with Kristin at about 2:30 to drive back down to Blacksburg. The drive back went nicely. Had a nice time talking with Liz about some stuff. Got into town around 6:30 and dropped off Kristin. Then I went and took Liz home and then I came back to my place to chill for a bit, do some homework, and get ready for the week ahead. I think I got to bed early too.

Back into the work thing. Today was Labor Day, but I didn't get paid, so I wanted to go in. Thankfully, some other people with keys were there for the whole day, so I got a full 8 hours in. I went home and spent an hour or so in the backyard thinking and praying and then I went over to Liz's. Finished up my homework at her house and had dinner and stuff. Nothing all too exciting I guess.

Work and then boring class and then work some more until 4:30. Took off a little early so I could work from home and try to set my laptop up on the company VPN. Didn't work so well, but I did get my last 30 minutes taken care of. Then took another hour or so of thinking and stuff in the backyard. 'Twas good. Went over to Liz's at 7 and we all went out to Macado's for her mom's birthday. It was a good time and I got the dreamy Stallone sandwich. :-D Came back to Liz's house for presents, cake and stuff. It was nice being with them and I always appreciate them including me in their family activities. :) I probably hung out with Liz a little and then left and got to bed right before midnight.

Lot's of work at work until 3:30 and afterwards I went home and did a little over an hour of thinking again and then Liz came over at 5 to eat a quick dinner with me. We cooked up some scrambled eggs and potato scallops. :) Then went to Awana to start the new year there starting at 6:30. The night went pretty well. I dealt with some problem kids during games which was a little stressful, but then the last hour was nice and chill. We hardly have anyone for JVs this year, just some nice girls and one boy, so its a pretty relaxed group compared to previous years. :) So, that all went until 8:30. Then, Liz came with me to my place and she worked on some homework and stuff and we got some time to hang out together too. :)

Worked, then slept through class, then worked some more. Did another hour and a half of thinking and stuff after work. At 8, I headed over to Curt's house to hang out. We grilled up some good food, tried some Wicked Pete's Rally Cap Ale (moneyball- you need to try it!) and had a great time together. I think we talked about just about everything there is to talk about. The first time I looked at my watch, it was like 12:30 and I was like "woah!". Of course, we talked some more and I didn't actually leave until like 1:15 or so in the morning and got to bed around 2. :-P It was a great time.

Today was a real fun day. I went to work, was pretty tired, but I survived. After work, I went and picked up Liz and we headed off more an adventurous drive. We drove out down 42 west and around those parts and then over on 52. I found the old mountain that I had found once before, so I drove her up there to see the view which was very cool. :-) We drove around some more after that and then found another nice place to stop that overlooked a valley during the sunset. We stood along the road for awhile just soaking it in and talking about stuff. It was so peaceful and beautiful. There was a dad playing with his kids down in the valley that we could hear too and that added to the ambiance. :-) We stayed there until it got pretty dark and chilly and then drove on back towards Blacksburg. We decided to stop in Radford on the way and go to dinner at an Italian place called Sal's. It was stinkin awesome. Like all the people there were actually Italian and spoke Italian and stuff. Very cool. :) The food was nuts. Liz and I got an amazing sausage parmesian sub that was oh so good and a "small" pesto and cheese calzone. The calzone was the biggest thing I've ever seen! I mean, take your normal calzone and times in by 2-3 sizes and that's what this "small" one was. And it tasted incredible. :-) So, we had a great time there, some good talks and left there very happy and very full! I drove Liz on back home and dropped her off around 11.

I pretty much dedicated most of today to thinking and praying about my relationship with Liz, where we're headed, how we/I can improve and stuff like that. I got up at 6 and did some quiet time and breafasty stuff and then started into thinking and writing and stuff around 8. It pretty much occupied the entire morning. Stopped and made some lunch and watched the second quarter of the Hokies whoopin up on Penn State and then went back to thinking and such. I spent most of the afternoon doing more of it and stopped a few times to do some other stuff, but overall it went really well. I figured some stuff out, had some good talks with other people and had some good praying time. It was all very nice. :-) I finally got over to Liz's around 6 and hung out for just a bit. Then we went over to Jesse & Ila's house for a little post-wedding party for John and Nicole. It was a lot of fun. I had a great time talking with some of the guys who came out, there were some really great snacks and it was cool to get to know the history behind John & Nicole a little more. They're a pretty cool couple. :) Liz and I had to leave a little early so that we could go meet up with Kristin, Doug, and Laura and Joe's downtown for milkshakes at 9. This was a fun time too. We spent an hour there and I had the best milkshake ever! It was chocolate and peanut butter and it was to die for. :-D I vow never to have anything but again! So, that was cool, drove Liz and Laura around campus briefly afterwards which was nice and then went back to her house. Chilled for a few and then headed home to get some rest.

Not the greatest day ever, but it was okay. Got up a little later (6:45), then got ready for church. Picked up Robin, which was neat to have her come out with us, and then picked up Kristin and us four went to Sunday school at 9:45. The class was pertty cool- Gene is always a good teacher, but service at 11 wasn't the best. I couldn't follow it too well and kept zoning out. :-/ After church, dropped everyone off and then went back to Liz's for a good lunch with her family. Then, the afternoon just kind of went. I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted to done because I was dragging, but I got a few things done. I was able to get my resume updated and looking good with Liz's help and found out about some job fairs and events coming up that will be good to look into. So, lots of job stuff and some other miscellaneous stuff I got done. At about 6:00 or so, Liz and I walked up the hill my her house and sat there and prayed for about an hour about all sorts of stuff. That was really cool and helped my mood and focus out a lot. :) Then we walked around a little and came back to her house to scrounge some leftovers for dinner. After dinner, I got started into my combinatorics homework finally and got a couple problems of that done, but not as much as I hoped. Left her house around 11 and got to bed at a decent time.

Pretty good day. Got back to work and such then got off at 3:30 as usual. I was actually inspired and motivated to start excercising again, so I took about an hour or so after work to do soem lifting with the weight bench downstairs. It went pretty well and I felt real good afterwards. :-) Then I worked on my homework for about an hour and got some great stuff done, made myself dinner and ate for the next hour, and then spent about another hour finishing up my homework. Got it all done and then went over to Liz's house around 8:30 or so. She wanted to cut my hair and I needed it, so we did that until a little after 10. She did a really nice job on it and I am very thankful for her. :-) Spent a little bit of time chatting with her afterwards and then headed on home to get to bed by 11:30.

Work, class, then work until 5. Got home and did some leg-lifting and then tried to do a small amount of jogging. I tried not to overdo it, but I think I still did because I'm so out of shape! I hardly jogged at all, but I was pooped and sore afterwards! Maybe I'll just speed-walk for a little bit next time. :-P Got done with my excercising at 6:30 and then talked on the phone with my mom for almost an hour, talked to Liz for almost 15 minutes, and then talked to my dad for just over 30 minutes. !! It was great talks with everyone, but drove my cell phone battery dead! :-P Had a quick dinner and then went and picked up Liz at 9:15. We went out to Mill Mountain and got some coffee and chai and just chilled and chatted until they closed at 11. It was real nice to be with her and nice to do something a little different too. :)

Worked until 3:30 and then lifted downstairs for an hour until about 5. Got a good workout and then heated up some dinner, picked up Liz and got over for Awana at 6:30. I was in a lousy mood and really didn't want to be there and then I got stuck helping with the Sparks kids, which I really dreaded, but it ended up being a very nice time and I really enjoyed it. I had to help a group of boys who were like 5-7 years old or something and watch them the whole night. They were pretty rambunctious and hard to handle, but I think I was able to earn their respect a little by the end of the night. They enjoyed wrestling with me a lot too and so did I. :-) I think I had four boys hanging from all my limbs at one point! :P So I had a nice time with them, but it was a little sad too because most of them don't have dads and they really, really need a dad. I had one who asked me point blank if I would be his daddy because he didn't have one. Very awkward for me, so I changed the subject, but it really broke my heart. :-( Poor chidlers. I love 'em though, can't wait to get some for myself! ;-) So, good time at Awana, then went to Liz's house and studied for my exam tommorow for awhile. Curt dropped by for just a little bit and that was fun. Then studied some more, chatted with Liz for a few and left around 11:30.


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