Saturday, September 03, 2005


I guess I'll try now to think back over the last week and what all that I did.

Last Saturday:
Today was me and Liz's anniversary of the day we decided to start offically dating. :-) <3 So, I decided to make it a super-special day, or at least evening for her. I got up around 8 and then spent from about 10am-5:30pm cooking dinner for us. I took a little mid-day break to go over to Wal-Mart and pick up some more ingredients. But the cooking went really well, but was a little tiring. At one point, I was balancing three seperate recipes around the kitchen. :P I picked up Liz at 6 and we dressed all nice to "go out". I blindfolded her and drove her around a bit to make it a big surprise. Then took her back to my place for a lovely candlelit dinner. :) I made a good fresh salad for the appetizer, spinach bake and Italian bread for the main course and some dreamy tiramasu for dessert. To drink we had some super-fruity sangria. Everything turned out great and we had a fun time eating dinner. I think we ate for over two hours! :-P After dinner, I gave her some beautiful earrings that I had found a couple weeks ago and then we chilled out and read some really neat poetry. It was from a book of poems that my mom gave me, written by Martha Graham about her and Billy's marriage. Liz like that a lot. :) I think I took her back home a little after 11 to conclude our evening.

Picked up Liz and Kristin at 9:30 and went to Sunday school at 9:45. It was okay and then the service at 11 was pretty cool. We had a speaker who is a pastoral candidate for our church and he was not half bad. It was neat to see how much energy he seemed to bring into the church too- everybody seemed pretty excited, like there was a buzz in the air or something. :) After church, we went back to Liz's house for lunch, which was leftovers from my dinner last night, but still good. :) Took Kristin back to her dorm around 3. Liz and I came back to her house and did work and stuff until evening service at 6. It was another cool message from the potential pastor. After service, we went back to Liz's house and did some more work of sorts. Liz and I had a little dinner together at like 9 and then worked a little more before I left around 11 and got to bed about 12:30.

Back to the old grind today after a really nice weekend. Got through work today and got off at 4:30. After work I went home and did some stuff and made dinner. Then started into my Combinatorics homework at 7. Worked on that for a couple hours and Liz showed up a bit after 9 to hang. I just finihsed my homework so I got to spend some time with her and she did some work while I did some things on my computer. She left around 11 and I played around some more until about 12:30.

Went to work and then had class for a bit which was okay, then back to work until 5:15. After work I went home and made a salad for dinner and then went out to the Duck Pond to meet with the peeps for dinner. We had a decent time together and lots of people came out. :) Got interrupted by some rain around 7 and then left. Liz and I went back to her house and just did some work and stuff until about 11 or so. I went back and got to bed a little after 12.

Worked a long day today to make up for Friday and worked until 5:15. After work I went home and did some stuff and had dinner and greeted Tim, who came in around 6:30. At 7 I went over to Harvest and we had a meeting for Awana beginning this year. It went pretty well and it was nice to pray with Liz and Matt for Awana. :) The meeting was all done a little after 8. Liz came over to my place and we worked together and ate some more food. She headed out just before 11 and I stayed up until about 12:30 again.

Went to work early and then had a really boring class. After that got back to my house, ate a quick lunch with Tim and then Tim and I headed over to the River Course in Radford to play some golf. Tim was hanging out in town on his way down to his new job in the Bahamas, so it was nice to spend some last time with him. :-) We teed off around 1:30 and played with and older guy named Al who was cool. The round was pretty fun; I played well but didn't score great (91) because I couldn't make any putts. I blame the sandy, aerated greens. :-( Was nice to get out there and see the redesigned course. Its a lot harder since Pete Dye revamped it. :P A good play though. The round took a long time and we left around 6. Went home and finished packing in a rush for the weekend and then parted ways with Tim. I picked up Liz at 6:45 and then got Kristin in her dorm a little after 7 and we hit the road for Sterling at like 7:20. The drive went really well with nothing much goin on. We got back home around 11:15, so we made good time. Just unpacked and then hit the sack at about midnight.

Today was a packed day. Woke up at 6 and got ready and then Liz and I and my family headed out around 7:30 for Grandma's funeral. We went over and picked up Gussie and then went to Arlington National and met up with the rest of the family and friends. There were a lot of people there, but I didn't know too many! :P It was exciting to get to introduce Liz to some of my extended family though and they seem to like her a lot. :) The funeral service was at 10 and it went really well and was very nice. After that we all drove over to Olive Garden for lunch. That was very nice too. Good food and good times. I had a lot of fun talking to people and getting to know them a little more. Cousin Meghan was especially cool; I had great fun chatting with her about all sorts of stuff. :) It was also very neat talking with Gussie for awhile- something I had never really done before. So that went well and we got out of there around 2. Took Liz back to Gussie's house and Gussie showed her around her piano studio and they talked a long time about teaching and stuff like that since Liz is into that. It was nice to spend time with Gussie and I think she really appreciated us coming over there to be with her. :) We left her house at like 3:30 and then got home to chill for a bit before dinner. We had pizza with our family and Jan, Vivian and Meghan which was fun. Then watched an old video of Grandma & Grandpa's 50th anniversary 10 years ago. That was pretty neat. After that, the Meermans left before 10, Liz and I chilled a little more and then got to bed sometime before 12.

Today was largely an uneventful day. I tried to get up at 6, then 7, then 8 and finally dragged out of bed at 9. Showered and stuff, had some breakfast with Liz and then lazed around for awhile. Lazed around some more, had a quick lunch and then drove Liz over to Wegman's a bit after 1 in the afternoon. I wanted to show her how cool it was and the mass variety of food that they have there. She enjoyed it a lot. :) We got to hang with Tim there a little bit also. Was nice to see him. :) We left there after awhile and came back home. I chilled for awhile while Liz took a nap. She got up and around 5 we took a little walk into the woods by my house and had a nice prayer time together. Went back home for dinner at 6 with my family and the Meermans. Was a nice time, lazed around afterwards and then Liz and I gave about a two-hour slide show of a ton of pictures from our Europe trip. Everybody seemed to enjoy it a lot so that was cool. The Meermans left around 10:45 and now I'm just waiting to get to bed. :)

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