Saturday, August 27, 2005


Oh billy, where was I...

Last Thursday:
Suppose that I went to work and stuff. I took an hour lunch break and went to Kroger to get Liz some crazy multi-colored flowers and then took them to her at her job. It was her last day there too so it was cool to do something for her. :-) After work I don't think I did too much; probably just some paperwork and such. Went over to Curt's place around 8 and we hung out there and had a nice time. He grilled up some steaks and corn with potatoes and some awesome garlic & cheese rolls. It was great eats. :H We had a good time talking too. I think I left around 11:30.

Worked and the like. After work I went home and tried to set up evening plans with my family. Mom and Dad were down moving Kristin in. Then my CD player/RCA adapter came in the mail and I really felt like installing it, so I went over to Curt's and he helped me take apart my car stereo and stick in the adapter, so now I can hook my MP3 player up in my car. :-D Then, I went over to Liz's and I took Liz, Laura and Doug and we went and met up with my family for dinner at Mike's. Mmm...the burgers were great! :) After dinner we walked over to Squires and played pool for an hour or two. Well, I should say that Kristin, Dad, Doug and Laura played. I talked with Mom and Liz most of the time. And was feeling really sick, so that wasn't cool, but oh well. I think we left at 10:30, then I went back to Liz's for a little and then left. Late at night (3:00am) I set my alarm and called Liz up. I wanted to take her out to see Mars since it was supposed to be looking sweet. But I drove out to Kipps by myself first to see if it was even worth it and I couldn't see anything so that kinda sucked. But I had a fun "we're both extremely exhausted and goofy" talk with her on the phone for a bit. :-P

Today was a slow day for the most part. I got up a litle later and then had a nice long quiet time. A little after 10 I started doing some little projects and stuff that I needed to for some time. Made myself lunch and then worked most of the afternoon on getting my finances updated into Quicken. Its a big task and will take quite some time. Liz came over at like 4:30 and chilled with me and we did work together for a bit. Then at like 6:30 we went and met Mom, Dad and Kristin at The Gobbler for dinner. We've never been there before, but it was a pizza buffet and pretty good too. :) It was cool because hardly anyone was there, so we basically just named the pizzas we wanted on the buffet and they made them for us. Tasty, too! :) So that was cool, then we went back to my place and Doug and Laura met us there and we all watched the movie The Pacifier together. It was kinda silly, but overall not too bad and suprisingly clean. I walked Liz to her car around 11 and we drove for a few minutes and tried to find Mars again, but alas...nothin. :-( Ah well...

Got up and had a decent morning and then picked up Liz and went to Sunday school at 9:45. It was cool. Gene is starting a new study in Ephesians, so that should be neat. Church went okay also. Afterwards, we went back to Liz's for lunch and then at 2 went out with Liz and Laura and met Kristin and her roomate at Squires to watch the play Oliver. The play was pretty decent. Certainly not the best I've seen, but it was livable. I started getting squirmy as the play approached the 3-hour mark... :-P After the play, we came back to Liz's. I spent the rest of the evening trying to get Doug's computer to install Windows XP Pro, but it was a pain and I wasted a lot of time and was getting peeved. Oh well. Left there a little before midnight I think.

Back to the work thing. I also officially decided this morning not to take my second class and only do one this semester. It will save me $650 overall, and hopefully some sanity this fall. Spring is gonna suck, but oh well. I'm living for next summer. :P After work, it was beautiful outside and I had some time so I went and played golf at the VT course. It was pretty fun and I played decent for not having played in forever. I think I shot a 42. :) After golf, I went over to campus and needed to help Kristin out with a lot of things. She had a tough first day of school and was just overwhelmed with college life, so I tried to help her with money, books, her computer and showed her some dining halls and stuff. So, it was cool to get to help her out and I think it did. :) I brought her with me to Liz's for dinner, which was fun. After dinner I spent a few more hours trying to get Doug's computer rolling and finally did. :) Also had an interesting time trying to remember simple Calculus to help Krisin with her homework. :P I think I got Kristin back to her dorm just before midnight.

Work and then started my Applied Combanatorics class today. It was at 11:00 and I left at like 10:35 or so to hopefully get parking. I drove around the Litton-Reeves lot about four times and the Cage a few times and couldn't find a single spot! So, finally, at 11, I was like man I gotta go to class so I just parked in a faculty/staff spot. Ran to class and it was long and painful. Mmm...graph theory. :-/ Got out of class at 12:15, and sure enough, and $30 parking ticket was awaiting me. Then I realized that because I had dropped my other class, I was now below 5 credit hours, so I could get a Corporate Research Center parking pass (where I work) that will allow me to park just about anywhere on campus for free. :-) So I went and returned my crappy $70 pass and got a free one that is so much better. Also appealled my ticket, so hopefully I'll get that money back too. Anyhow, got back to work and finished the day off with a long meeting with some customers from Lockheed-Martin which was kinda cool. After work, I raced around to the three bookstores, trying to find Kristin a used Calculus book. Couldn't find one, so just bought a new one for her. Then raced over to West End for Peeps dinner at 6. I got there about 15 minutes late, but Kristin was stoked about the book. Dinner was cool and I had a great calzone. :-D It was cool having Kristin and Doug as a part of the Peeps now! :) After dinner, a few of us walked over to the Dietrick field and watched a crappy Jimmy Buffet cover band for a few minutes and then dispersed. Liz and I took a walk over to the Tech Gardens which were beautiful. I wish I had known about them a long time ago! But we walked around there and then stopped on a bridge and talked for very long time about some deep stuff. It was a good convo and I tried to encourage her in some stuff and work through some thoughts. Then walked her back to her car. I got back home around 10, just in time for the first "Oreo-time" of the semester with my roomates. That was a lot of fun and we probably spent like 40 minutes in the kitchen eating Oreos and milk and talking. :-P Then spent a couple hours working on paperwork, bills and financial stuff. Got to bed about 12:30.

Worked and stuff and then went to Liz's after work. I took her out on a little random drive around the area. We went down 42 a bit and then cut back on some small country roads and just drove slowly around soaking up the countryside. It was beautiful. :-) Stopped on a small bridge and talked for a bit and walked some cool fish in the stream. It was a nice drive and relaxing. Got back to her house at 7 and then worked with Doug on his computer a little more. Had a nice dinner with her family and worked on my Quicken stuff some more. I think I got home around 11 or so.

Worked and then went to class which was hard, but not as bad. We got out at 12. Then back to work. After work, I went out to Kroger and spent like an hour or more in there buying a ton of food. I'm stocked now. :-) Then got back and started the grill when Curt came over around 7:30. We chilled out in the backyard with some smokes and Honey Brown, fired up the grill and cooked some awesome chicken, cheddarwursts and corn. It was smashing. :-) We had some good talks too; its always good getting to talk with Curt. I'm really thankful for the times we have. :) So, we were out there until about 10:30 and then decided it was about time that we got over to the Cellar to hear some bluegrass. It was that band's final show there so it was gonna be cool. We got there and Liz met us and we went and chilled for a couple hours there. It was pretty cool for the most part. Kinda loud, crowded and crazy at times, but overall not bad. Liz and I had an interesting time dancing the last few songs. The dancefloor was so crowded that it made it rather difficult to move around, but we managed. :-) Walked her back to her car around 12:20 and talked for a few and then went back to the Cellar and Curt and I left around 1.

Got up at 6 after hardly any sleep and was surprisingly awake, so that was cool. Went to work and that we okay. After work I took Kristin over to Freedom First and opened up an account for her there. That went really well and she was excited. :) Then went home and had some good prayer time before going to Liz's house at like 5:30 or something. Got to chill out with her and it was just a nice, relaxing evening together. We got to talk some and have a nice Bible study and prayer and stuff like that. And she got some homework done and I just did some web-surfing/chilling. Laura made us some amazing pizza and we had that for dinner with her family. Then we all watched the Italian Job which is a pretty slick film. I think my favorite part was the beginning in Venice. I was so thrilled to see the backdrops of places that I had been there. I found that to be very cool. :-) I chilled with Liz a little more after the movie and it was just so nice being with her tonight. I love her a ton. :-) I think I got home and to bed by 1.


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