Saturday, September 24, 2005


Here's some pics from Floyd bluegrass night last Friday: :-)

Weirdo girls...:

Being goofy walking into Floyd:

Small bluesgrass band outside:

Kristin dancing solo with Zorro!! Best moment EVER! :-P :

George Dubya laying down the flat-foot:

The second band, which wasn't that great and nobody was dancing:

Outside the country store:

The Jugbusters came on and the dancefloor was packed!

Liz and I squeezing in a dance. :-)

Me and Liz at the end:

The girlies!:


LizC said...

I think you should allow yourself the flexibility to make smaller posts (like the Floyd one) on particular relevant topics should they arise. Then if there's really hot news we can all know about it sooner, and it won't get buried a very long post. Just a suggestion from one blog skimmer/reader to another. :H heehee

Justin said...

I think you should be content. :)

LizC said...

I just meant if something huge happens, it deserves a separate entry. Just my opinion, not a request. ;) And a random comment at that.

Justin said...

Nothing huge ever happens with me...

LizC said...