Friday, September 30, 2005

The end of September

I'm really posting this in November, but its so old, that I'll place it back in the September archives!

Saturday, 24th:
Really nice day today. I got a whole lot of things done this morning. Just stuff like cleaning, laundry, paperwork, etc. I also got some good thinking and praying time in and spent a long time doing research on what to look for in a good diamond. :-) Made myself a little lunch too. Got a lot done and was really happy with finally being productive on a Saturday. :) At 3:30, Liz and Matt D came over and we chilled and watched the Hokies game as they played Georgia Tech. I was hoping for a good game, but we just obliterated them, so it got boring pretty quick. Liz helped me touch up my resume and we prepared for the evening's party for most of the second half. People started coming over after the game around 6:30-7 and we got about 15 total over to party. I grilled up some hamburgers and hotdogs which worked out great when I finally got the charcoal lit! Everybody had a fun time hanging out. Tiki torches rock. :) Also, Kristin was supposed to come, but was way late, so I got afraid for her and went to search, but then she found my place anyways. :P Everyone got more hungry around 9:30-10, so I had a second grilling with more good burgers and dogs. :) Paul wanted to burn his old Sociology textbook, so we threw it on the grill and after some work, we got it going up in flames! It was pretty amusing. :) Everybody left around 11:15 or so, and I took Liz and Laura over to the Martin's farm and fed their animals and put them away for the night. Then I dropped the girls off and I went on home to bed pretty late.

Sunday, 25th:
Not the best day ever, but it was okay. Got up a little late and picked up Kristin for church. We went to Sunday school at 9:45 and service at 11. Pretty good message, but I was distracted by other things. Afterwards, I took Kristin back and then went with Liz to her house to get Laura and then I took both of them out to the Martin's to feed their pets one last time. We had fun petting their horses for a little while. We got back at 2 for lunch at Liz's and to hang out. We went with La I worked on my resume and some job stuff during the afternoon while she did homework. At 5, we went over to the church and I practiced guitar with Liz and Matt for a while before the evening service that I played in. Had fun playing and the service was pretty good too. :) Afterwards, went back to Liz's. She made us some incredible tomato soup. :-D Spent most of the evening perfecting a cover letter for my job applications and then put in a whole bunch of applications on the eRecruiting site. Not an extremely exciting evening, but it was productive. I left and got to bed around midnight or so.

Monday, 26th:
Today I got back into work and had a decent day there. Got off at 3:30 and then got some homework done at home and took some much-needed prayer time. That was very nice. I picked up Liz and we went over to Brad & Bec's house for dinner at 6. They made us some Navajo tacos which were really cool and very tasty. :) We had a nice time talking with them and hanging out. Played Phase 10 for awhile too that was fun. I almost made an amazing comeback. :P We left their house around 9, went back to Liz's and I spent the rest of the evening finishing up my homework. Got it all done and got home and to bed around midnight.

Tuesday, 27th:
Today was allright. I worked, had a boring class, worked some more. Came home and prayed a little bit and then headed over and picked Liz up for Peeps dinner at 6. We all met over at the VT gardens for dinner and it was really nice. The evening was beautiful and everyone seemed to have a good time together. :) We left around 7:30 and then went back to Liz's to work on homework for a bit. Around 10, I took Liz out to Macado's for our first real date in quite a while. We got the Pop's Sundae and chilled there until closing at 12:30. It was a lot of fun with her and we had some really good talks about life and love and such. :-) <3 Took her back home and then I got to bed a little after 1.

Wednesday, 28th:
Pretty fun day today. Went to work and it went really well. I had a good time with my coworkers and the day went pretty fast. After work, I went off on an adventure by myself. I wanted to check out a spot that sounded like a place where I could propose to Liz. So, I left around 4 and drove out into the boondocks past Floyd for about an hour or so. The mountain was called Bufallo Mountain and was pretty stinkin big. I drove up it about a mile and then had to park and hike to the top. The hike was about 3/4 miles and took about 30 minutes. It was very steep and very tiring. I was running out of breath many times. It was beautiful forestry and plants around though and then I made it to the top and it was amazing. It just opened up and there were some huge rocks and outcrops to stand on and the view was incredible. On the middle rock, you get a 360-degree panorama of the mountains and countryside that is amazing. I chilled there for about 10 minutes and then walked back down to my car and left just after 6:00. Had a nice drive back to the Burg, grabbed some burgers at home real quick and then raced over to Awana by 7:20; just in time to work with the JVs. Oh, I should mention too that I used my three hours alone in the wildress and driving to pray a whole bunch about a whole lot of stuff and it was awesome. I really needed to do that for awhile now. :) Yeah, so Awana went well and was pretty fun. Afterwards, Liz came over and worked on some homework with me. I made us some good ramen w/eggs. :) And we had a fun Oreo-time with my roomies at 10. Liz left around 11:30 and I went on to bed.

Thursday, 29th:
Okay day today. Worked, then class, then some more work. Got home around 5:20 and then did a bunch of stuff around the house like cleaning and laundry and bills for the month. Got a bunch done which was great. At 7:30 I went over to Liz's and we warmed up a Tombstone pizza together. Did a little Bible study in 1 Peter 3 that was nice. :) Then, we also had a little fun playing piano and guitar together. Good stuff! She had to get some work done though, so I spent the rest of the evening just working on accounting on Quicken while she practiced and did homework. Nice to be with her though. I left around 11:30 and then went to Kroger to get in on some good sales. I actually saved more than I spent! It was awesome. :) I like shopping there late because its quiet and easy to get around! Got to bed about 12:20.

Friday, 30th:
Today was decent. I went to work early and had a good day. Liz came by to visit, which was a higlight. :) Got off at 3:30, went home and packed real quick, then went to the bank and paid rent and then went to Curt's house and we left together for his parent's house in South Boston for the weekend. We left a little after 4:30 and had a good drive on over there; it was very pretty outside. We got to his house around 7 and then went out with his family for dinner at a cool Italian restraunt. I had a very cool meatlovers calzone. :-) Afterwards we went to some new historically restored building that was made into a theatre and some other stuff. It was very nice and then did a great job restoring and renovating it. Then, just came back to his house and hung around a bit with his family and then played on my computer a little. I had to stay up until midnight so I could put in for my interview slot with Northrup Grumman. I'll be doing that right about now and then getting on to bed!

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