Saturday, July 09, 2005

word up

Hey; just thought I'd post a little about the week past. It was a really hard week for me, for the most part. I was rather depressed about things in general and just not doing too well. Liz and I have been going through difficult times, and I've had a lot of stress just from other things too. Plus, I just felt exhausted from work every day last week. Not too fun. :-/

This was a good day, cause it was the 4th of July! :) I spent all day in my room and around the house cleaning up and just doing little chore activites which was really good to do finally. I was glad I got some good things done. Around 6, Liz and I headed over to the Blacksburg park area where the fireworks were gonna be. We packed a dinner and set out a blanket to chill on and stuff. Got to see the Drifters play which was pretty cool. Fireworks were nice also, but didn't seem as great as last year. They did have some neat new additions though. :) Afterwards, went back over close to my old place at Tee Street and watched a bunch of looney teenagers from my church try their best to blow themselves up with a massive display of fireworks on the basketball court. It was rather exciting...until the cops came, lol. Not a big deal though.

Long, hard day at work. Started my first Numerical Methods class of summer. It was okay; the teacher is a TA and she's okay at teaching, but rather hard to follow too. She's one of those "numbers nerds" who seems to think at such a high level and has trouble communicating with us less intelligent. After work, I did some chores and stuff. Had Liz over for a very good lasagna dinner and that was fun. We got to practice our VBS skits more too.

Work sucked, class was meh, but we got out early and I got to go over to the COE office and visit Liz for a bit. :-D Was great to see her. After work, Liz and I practiced VBS skits a bit and then went over to Backstreet's at 6:30 for dinner with Mrs. Taylor and Stevie. It was fun and nice to see them, but kinda hard too since we don't have too much in common outside of Riva. But, whatever. After dinner, went back to Liz's and we practiced VBS skits outside until it was dark. Then, I think we chatted a bit and I left early and got to bed before 11. :)

It poured all stinkin day from when I got up and was still going when I went to bed...Work wsa painful, class full and long and icky. After everything, I got off work at 5:15 and felt like crap. So I spent a good while playing my guitar and sipping wine to mellow out, haha. Worked pretty well. :) Liz came over briefly to work on VBS stuff with me. Then left for a meeting. I had some dinner and read some encouraging things in Proverbs. Then Liz came back around 9 and we did some more VBS stuff, then got to chat a little before she left early and I got to bed by 11 again. :)

The morning was SO beautiful- just unexplainably amazing. It brought me a lot of thankfullness and joy in God. :) Work started painful, but then actually got better. Class wasn't all too bad and we got out 20 minutes early so I got to go chill with Liz for about 20 miInutes. :-D Good stuff, then after work, we went out to the golf course and played 9 holes together. It was pretty fun and just goreous weather out. :) I shot really well, I was very happy with my game. 38 for the round. :D Liz did do pretty well herself. After playing, we had a nice chat in the parking lot and then drove to her house for dinner which was excellent. I had a fun time with her family too; I like being in a good mood and when I do I feel a lot more at home with them. :) We all watched Second Hand Lions after dessert and it was a really stinkin cool movie. I like it a lot. :) Liz and I continued with our quick "Bible-blurb" Bible studies that we've been trying this week and then ended the night with a brief walk/look at the stars/pray time. Very nice and great way to end a very fun day. Was the only day this week that I actually felt alive or more like myself or able to think. It was very encouraging and even felt a little like days of old with Liz. :-)

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