Monday, July 04, 2005

last week

looking back, its been a pretty cool week:

Tuesday, I had to get back into the work week. Kinda hard, but not all too bad. This work week, I put the finishing touches to perfection on my old project and started preliminary work on a new, kinda cool project. After work, I chilled at home and got some stuff done and then had Liz over for a movie/popcorn/ice cream around 8:30 or something. We watched Shawshank Redemption which is always cool. :)

Wednesday work went and afterwards I got off early at 2:30 and took my car over to the Honda dealer to get some regular maintenance and just keep it up to snuff. Did a little shopping later and then went with Liz at 7:30 to BSU where we met up with some people, including Andrew, and drove way up at dusk to a campfire area by Mountain Lake. We chilled there for a few hours, built a nice campfire, had smores and sang some praise. There were also some sweet cliffs nearby with an amazing view and very cool to look at the stars too. It was a very fun night and really re-lit my love for nature I think. :-D

Thursday, work was decent. After it I went home and was lazy and napped for a good two hours at least. :-) Man, I needed it! Later, I went to Liz's and hung out for the evening. We made dinner and watched a big thunderstorm come in as we sat and chatted on the front porch. That was very cool. :) Also spent some time practicing our skits for VBS.

Friday was a fun day. Work went quick, then afterwards I went with Liz, Jamie, Kara and Robert on a bike ride from Blacksburg to Christiansburg. It was very fun to ride out there with them. We ate dinner at the IHOP which was great and then rode back right before dark. It rained a little too, but really felt good to cool down! I was pretty tired after the ride, since I hadn't touched my bike in like 3 years! We rode back to Jamie and Kara's apartment and hung out there and chatted and ate ice cream for a little while which was cool. :) Then hung out at Liz's for a bit before going home late.

Saturday was very fun. I got up early, was really tired, but took off with Liz for Shendandoah National Park a little after 9. It was about a three hour drive and we went up to the Big Meadows area off of Skyline Drive; one of my favorite things to do when I was young. :) We got there around 12:30 and hiked off into a large meadow and sat in it for our packed lunch. Very cool and then through a football together for awhile which was a lot of fun too. About mid-afternoon we went on a hike called Dark Hollow Falls which goes down to a huge waterfall. I used to do this hike a lot when I was little. It was very fun and beautiful. :) We had a quick dinner a bit before 5:30 and by 6 had hit the longer trail to go up to Hawksbill Mountain, which was the highest point in the park. The trail was beautiful and the weather just absolutely perfect and the hike was really fun. We got up to the top a bit before 8 and there was nobody there. It was quite, peaceful, beautiful views and just awesome! :-D I really enjoyed hanging up at the peak for a while. We left the top around 8:45 and then left the park to drive back home and got home around 12:30. Found out later that her parents were pretty worried about us and had made a big hubub about things because both our cellphones' batteries had died and Liz's had while she was talking to her dad. That was kinda lousy, but oh well...

Sunday was okay. The first half of the day was hard and long. Went to church with Liz at 11 but was rather blah. Then went to her house and spent a few hours lazing around/sleeping. I was really in a crappy mood. :-/ Around 5 though, Liz and I got to chat things out a bit and refocus on God which was nice and the evening ended up pretty cool. Liz gave me a great haircut and then we got to practice our VBS skit for awhile and did a ton better with it. Then I spent a couple hours hanging out on the porch with Mr. P, Doug and John, listening to their stories and stuff over pipes and cigars. It was very cool and relaxing and brought a nice end to a fun second-half of the day. :-)

Happy Fourth!

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