Monday, June 27, 2005

Catch up time

Okay, back over the last week.

Last Monday got back into work and had a decent day. Got to have lunch with Liz and my parents and China Inn which was fun and good. :-) After work, Liz came over and I cooked her a breakfast dinner and we got to have a nice chat about some of my good thoughts from the past weekend.

Work on Tuesday was pretty good and encouraging. After work I went out with Bryan Mosher to the golf course and we played 18 together. I played pretty lousy and shot a 94, but we had a lot of fun talking and stuff and hanging out. It's a shame he has to go to Houston. After golf, I went to Liz's for dinner and hung out.

Wednesday was a very crappy day at work and I was really discouraged. Liz came in a brought me a vanilla chai which was sweet of her and really made me happy. :D After work I had her over and cooked up some grilled cheese sandwiches and we worked on work all evening together. Not too fun, but nice to have her around.

Thursday work went better and quickly. I took and hour lunch break and ran to Kroger to buy Liz some flowers, then suprised her at her office with them and stayed to eat lunch with her. It was very cool, except for spilling water all over myself. :-P After work I got some stuff done and then went to Tim's house at 7 to meet up with Steve, Tom, Andrew and Travis and we hung out there, ate pizza, watched some Family Guy and American Dad episodes and blabbled about computers. :-P It was a nice time and cool to hang out with the guys. At 10, Tim and I went over to Macado's and met Liz and some peeps for dessert. Liz and I split a grand Pop's Supreme. :-D Was a nice time.

Work on Friday went really well too and I got a lot done. After work, Ken got into town and came over to my place to stay the weekend. It was great to get to see him and catch up with him. We chatted for almost two hours about all sorts of cool things and serious stuff about life. It was a really sweet talk and I really appreciate his friendship. :) I drove to Harvest at about 6:45 and picked up Liz from Brad and Rebecca's wedding rehersal and went out to the Farmhouse to meet up for the rehersal dinner. Very nice time there with tons of peeps and good food and stuff. :) We ate Mahi Mahi which was tasty. Highlight of dinner was definitley Scott's "it's OKAY..." quote. :P After the 2+ hour dinner, Liz and I went back to her house and chatted for a long time. I got back home at about 1:20am, haha.

Saturday morning, I got up a little later and hung about, then went out to do a little yardsaling, and errands and stuff. At 1, went over to the church for Brad and Rebecca's wedding and reception. It went very well and was a nice time and good food. :) Got out of there about 4:15 and then got ready to leave and hit the road for Sterling with Liz around 5:15. Got back home just after 9. Had a good ride up, highlighted by Liz losing our VBS booklet out the window and me walking down 81 to go get it. :P At 10, we went to Bowl America and met Tim, Tony and Scott to do some bowling. It was so fun to bowl for the first time in forever. I did pretty well I thought. :) We only played one game because it was expensive, then went over to McDonald's for quick food/desserts and hung outside and chatted until almost 12:30. It was fun catching up with the guys again.

Sunday morning, Liz and I were up early and went out to the 8:15 service at RBC. It was very nice and then we came back for a big breakfast that my mom made and we got to chat with her for a long time. I napped a little and then at a bit after 3, Liz, me, Tim and Tony headed off for the Dave Matthews show at Nissan. We got there at around 4:15 and then tailgated for a long time in the parking lot. We grilled up some good food and had a nice time hanging out and stuff. :) Dave went on around 8:30 and the show was absolutely amazing! I don't think I've ever seen the band or Dave with so much energy and excitedment for a show. The crowd was into it, the lights were incredible, Robert Randolph guested and was phenominal and the setlist was fun too. Just a great, great show! Definitley my second favorite ever, but vying for 1st place with 9-11 Hershey. The show got out a bit before 11 and we hung out and tailgated again in the parking lot for an hour or so after until the traffic died off. Slow ride home and finally got to bed around 2am.

This morning I was up at 8:30, got ready for the day and then headed out and had the dentist check out my teeth at 11. That went quick and good and then I got back home for lunch with Liz and my parents and we got to chat a long time about good stuff. :) After lunch, I got myself ready to go and Liz and I left around 3:30 to head back down to Blacksburg. We got to Liz's house just before 8, unpacked and then had dinner with her family went nicely. I came back here just before 10 tonight to get stuff done.

That's about all. I'm going through some rough times inside of my soul lately and not feeling the hottest at all. Hopefully "things" in my life will work out better than they have been. :-/

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