Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I can't believe how far behind I am again! My life is moving so fast right now, this summer has been an absolute blur. I remember nothing and that is why I'm trying to keep up with this blog or else I'll forget forever. Aaaaaah!

Um, last Monday the 13th I went to work and it went. All week it went. I guess I finally got my project done for the most part...I think. Other than that, it was just work and stress and pain. I saw Liz briefly when she met me at my car after work which was very cool of her. :) Then spent the evening trying to combine Liz and my Europe picutres to make one big presentation of them. Kinda dull, but whatever.

Tuesday I worked and then went out with Liz at 6:00 to the Dellingers house where a lot of people gathered for a "Elf Dinner" which a lot of little kids from Harvest put on for us. It was very cool and we dressed all up. I wore a tux. :P That lasted until like 8:30 and then I went back to Liz's and just chilled with her while she worked for awhile and I worked on pictures.

Wednesday was a fun day. I was stoked to do something fun, so I grabbed Liz around 6 and we got Subway subs and then drove out past Radford and down to Claytor Lake, set up a blanket and sat on the shore and fished as the sun went down. It was very cool and the weather and sunset were just perfect. Didn't catch anything, but Liz got a lot of nibbles. :P We could still see a little sun all the way up until 9:50 when we left! Very cool evening. :)

Thursday was slated to be a very busy afternoon and evening. Pretty much everything got moved/cancelled which was great and gave me a lot of time to work on pictures. Went out with Liz and Laura to Macados in Christiansburg at 9:30 and met her old friend Robert there who was cool and we had a nice time there getting dessert. A little weird situation, but not horrid. I got to spend a little time chillin with Liz at her place after. :)

Friday I got back from work and packed up and ran a few errands with Liz before heading out of Blacksburg at 5:20. Drove back home for the weekend and had a great drive with some cool thoughts and good prayer times. :) Got back right at 9:00 and chilled with that fam which was nice.

Saturday morning, I went out with the fam to Kristin's graduation at Dominion. It was outside which was neat and there was a really cool speaker who was blind and very encouraging in his thoughts and optimistic outlook on life. He also talked a lot about God which I thought was cool at a public high school graduation. :) After the two-hour ceremony, we all went over to CiCi's Pizza to eat and that was fun and good. My dad and I had a great talk on the way home and then for a while when we got back too. It was very nice and cool to talk with him more and know him better. :) Spent the afternoon chillin with the fam, working on pictures and doing a couple other graduation activities. Then at 6 I went over to Tim's house and hung out with Tim, Tony, Joey and Scott and it was really fun. We went to the mall for dinner at Chevy's at 8 which was cool. Then came back to Tim's and burned stuff and talked the night away out by his pool. It was really chill and we had some great convos and was nice to catch up. I left there about 12:30 in the morning.

Sunday morning I went to the early service at RBC and it was awesome. Worship was great and Mike had the most great message I think I've ever heard him give. Very, very good stuff about loving others daily. :) Then came back and decided to give an old black lady I saw on the road in Sugarland a ride to church and that was cool and she was nice and from Nigeria and really appreciated it a ton. :) Got back home around 10 and then left about 11:30 to go back to Blacksburg. The trip down went well and I got all settled in and watched some golf. Then my parents came and we went to Liz's house around 7 and chilled with her family and chatted, had dessert and then looked at some pictures from the Europe trip for awhile. It was really fun and I'm glad our families get along so well together. :-D

That's all for now!

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