Monday, June 13, 2005

The Weekend Past

Was very cool. :)

Friday work went quick and was really busy. I was stoked because I got a new, clearer perspective on my problem and got some really good progress made on it. After work I got some stuff done around my room, especially blogging! At 6:30 I went and got Liz and we met up with a group of people headed by Andrew to go on a camping trip. We headed out and went down to a place about 30 minutes outside Blacksburg called Boley Field. We actually found a spot not on the field but instead under some tall trees which was really cool. Liz and I hung out until 11 and had a nice time with everyone. There was tons of food and drink and it was cool just chillin out in the woods. Elon was there from Riva too and that was cool. Andrew made some great stew and we had smores among other good things. :-D Good times. Liz and I left at 11 because we were too tired to actually camp overnight and she had some homework to finish.

Saturday was a good day too. I got up at 6 and had a good morning, then got to Liz's at 7:30. Made her and I some good breakfast sandwiches and then we went out and did some yardsaling. We didn't find too much this week and then went to Wal-Mart to replenish supplies and such. That went very nicely, then we headed back to Liz's for lunch with her family. At 2, we went to Harvest for a baby shower for a Chinese couple in our church. I didn't really want to go, but it ended up being a ton of fun. I got to be the shower photographer and that was fun and it was just really cool hanging out and chatting with people. :) That lasted until about 4 and then we came back to Liz's and I helped mow their lawn with her for awhile which was tiring but good. Then Uncle Robert took us out to dinner at Macado's. That was fun and oh so mighty tasty! :D Got back from dinner sometime after 9 and then vedged out at her house a bit and left early before 11.

Sunday I slept in a little until 8 and then went over to Liz's at 9:30. Met up with her family and we went to the 9:45 service at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship so we could be done earlier for Doug's graduation. Got back from church and had a very tasty lunch and then went off for his graduation ceremony at Burruss Hall which started at 2. It went well for the most part. It was a little long and rather warm in there, but not unbearable. I think it lasted until just before 4:00. We went back to Macado's afterwards for dessert. I got an amazing Mud Pie. :) After dessert, went back to Liz's and then we promptly headed back out for evening church at Harvest at 6. It was nice and there was a cool guest speaker. We got back home around 8, Liz made us great sandwiches for dinner which we ate on the front lawn with Laura as the sun set. Then Liz and I had a very nice talk about some serious business which lasted for quite some time and spanned the car, front yard, back porch, and sofa. :-P I finally headed out just after midnight, but not before a fun present ;). Had a fun day and great way to end the weekend.

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