Friday, June 10, 2005

my life....

...has been very busy lately and I can't seem to keep up with this stinkin' blog! I'm going to try really hard now and reconstruct a few memorable moments from the past two weeks.

-last Sunday night (May 29) Liz and I went to evening church for a good prayer meeting, then went up on the hill by her house for the sunset and read a couple chapters of our book on a blanket there and chatted for a very long time and it was very fun. :)
-last week's work week was long and slow. I started it off on Monday the 30th which was Memorial Day. I don't get paid for holidays so I decided to go in and I was thankful that a few people worked that day so that I could get in. It was kinda exciting later that day when I locked myself out of the office and spent a lot of energy knocking to get Hongman's attention. After work, I went to Liz's for dinner with the family and then looked at some of her pictures on the couch with her.
-Tuesday the 31st, Liz went to a party at church for Mrs. Baker, so I went there and picked her up and we went later to BSU at 8pm for the first time. It was a cool Bible study group of about 25 people and we sang some songs, chatted and did a devotional time which was cool. Andrew from Riva had invited us out to it. Afterwards, Liz and I got a big Slurpee and went up on the hill behind the church and sat under the stars for a long time and chatted. 'Twas very nice. :-)
-Wednesday I did some shopping at Wal-Mart, Kroger and Home Depot after work and made myself dinner. Then I went to Liz's and we hung out and looked at some of her pictures and stuff.
-Thursday Liz came over for a candlelight leftovers dinner which was pretty entertaining and very fun. :) After dinner we chilled around my house and got to read a couple chapters of our book.
-Friday was the big cookout day. I had a bunch of peeps over at 6:30 to my place for grub and good times and I got to set up my tiki torches which were sweet! God was good and held off all the rain and we had a great time. It took about an hour to get the grill going because it was very damp outside, the charcoal was very old, and we only had 1/3 vents open. :P But it finally got rolling after much fanfare. We had dogs, burgers, corn, chips, watermelon, cookies, etc. Good times. :)
-Saturday morning, I went early to Liz's and made her and I good breakfast sandwhiches and then we hurridly went around shopping for some shoes for her and to Target for a wedding present. Then left at 12:45 to head out to West Virginia for her friend Lori's wedding. We got there around 3:30 or something, got to read a chapter of our book in the car and then got ready for the wedding at 5:30. The drive there was really fun and beautiful and good times. The wedding went well; we helped out with the guest book signings. :) Afterwards, drove to the reception which was in a huge ballroom at a big hotel and VERY nice. They had good food there and we hung out for awhile and it was very nice. Got to enjoy a very special first as a couple as well. :H :H Then ended the evening by dancing to DMB's Crash. :-P Left WVA a bit after 10 and got back to Blacksburg, fed Lori's fish and then got Liz home by 2:30am. The drive back was a little rough that late at night, but we survived, thank goodness. :)
-Sunday we slept through Sunday school and went to church at 11. Service was cool with a guest pastor who was good at making applicable points for our lives. I liked him and he had big eyes. 8D After church, I went to Liz's for a late lunch and then hung out there and worked on stuff while she did some homework. We went to evening church and heard another good sermon by the guest speaker. After church, we came back and Liz made us some sandwiches and we ate those and then read a chapter along the lower bike path while watching the sunset. :) Came back and spent some time reminiscing over Riva pictures on her laptop. :P
-Monday started the work week. This week was hard too at work. I just keep running circles around this problem but can't seem to get everything to sync. It's kinda a pain. :( Liz came in for a few minutes Monday to see me at work which was nice of her. I didn't see her that night, we decided to stay apart and I got started on my big project of sending off all my CD shows to other people.
-Tuesday after work I worked on my CD project some more and had Liz over for some leftover dinner. We made really good tomato/brocolli/cheese soup though. :D Then chilled out for a bit and chatted and stuff.
-Wednesday I took a long lunch break and went in to Liz's COE office and talked to Diane about some of my class stuff. I'm stoked that most likely I'll get Core 7 and WI credits for two of my Riva classes! Then Liz and I had lunch together which was nice. :) After work I did some more CD stuff then ran off to Brad and Bec's wedding shower at Harvest. It went okay, but lasted stinkin forever from like 6:30-9. We finally got out and went to Liz's for leftover spaghetti which was good then had to run back to my house because her car was there. We chatted a little and she left just before 11.
-Thursday was really fun. Liz grabbed me at my house just after work and drove us off to the VT farm area. We walked around and saw some cute calves and big cows and some adorable kittens and other cool cats. It was very neat. :) Then, even more unexpectedly, she took me over to the cage and started teaching me how to drive stick shift on her car. :) It was really fun and not too hard! I got confused and overwhelmed a few times and had trouble starting, but I think I did okay. It was quite fun though. :P After that, we ordered pizza, then drove out to a little house in the country which was for sale...just out of curiosity...and then got the pizza and ate with Steve back home. That was fun, then Liz and I just did work for the evening. She worked on her project and I was getting my CD project all done. Was a fun day. :)

Today is the end of the work week for me, thank goodness. It's been a trying one, and I'm looking forward to this weekend, even though its booked with business!

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