Sunday, July 17, 2005


Wow, I'm a good week behind. Let's get caught up, shall we?

Last Saturday (the 9th):
from what I remember of this day, it was pretty relaxing. I think I spent the morning and early afternoon chillin about my place and getting some stuff done. Then went over to Liz's at like 3 and hung out with her all afternoon and evening and had a relaxing time. :)

Had a good morning and got some homework done and then went to church with Liz at 11. The service was on the resurrection and the guest pastor was really good and very encouraging. :) Went back to Liz's for a nice lunch and then hung out all afternoon. Got a little schoowork done too. At 6 we went to evening service which was cool too and the same pastor did a study on disecting the poetry of Psalms that Liz really enjoyed. After service, went back to Liz's and hung out there. We went and picked Laura up at the barn around 8 and got to play with the kittens which was kinda fun. :) After, just worked on our VBS skits and stuff.

The start of a crazy-busy week. I decided to only do 30 hours this week at work to maintain a little sanity. The work week went well. I got on track with Nathan on what exactly to be doing on my project and got most it done by the end of the week, which was nice. Class each day was hard, but I decided that it would be better to just follow my book and mark stuff in there during the lectures, rather than trying to copy all her notes off the board, which is always hard and stressful to do. So, that helped me to follow the lectures a lot better. :) Um, I guess the actual day was okay. Seems like I got off at 3:15, then ran some errands and then went to Liz's at 5, crammed for our skit, then went to the first night of Vacation Bible School at 6. The skit went okay, and the night was nice. My job is to do the opening skits with Liz and then help with games with Jeff. I had to run the second half of games tonight when Jeff left, so that was interesting, but not too bad. After VBS ended, we got back to Liz's about 9:30 and worked on our skit for the next day or two. Actually, I think this is the night we practiced with Doug and were REALLY goofy together, but a ton of fun. :D

Work went okay, class okay, got to see Liz mid-day for a bit, then after work hung at my house cramming in my homework/CS program, went to Liz's about 5:30 for dinner/cram our skits practice, then to VBS at 6:15. Not too much exciting at VBS, just skit and games. Afterwards practiced again at Liz's for the next day and then stayed up real late cramming in homework and finishing my program.

Ditto Monday and Tuesday minus homework.

Ditto Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday minus homework. Seriously...

Wow, I was really pumped up for today being the end of the week for work/class/VBS/skits. I needed my life to get out of this rut and back to normalcy! So, the day went well, I got some chill time at home before VBS, VBS went well; we kinda screwed up the last skit but nobody cared by that point, lol. Hung out and cleaned up after VBS and had some pizza and stuff. Was doing well and then my Mom called and I found out that grandma had a potential stroke or something really bad and is now in a hospital semi-comotose and not doing very well at all. :-( Mom was pretty sad and it was just kinda a shocker to me too. So yeah. :-/ I did go over to Matt's house around 10:30 with Liz and played Porsche Unleashed with Matt D, Matt M, Doug, and Pete over his LAN on our laptops. That was kinda fun to do since we'd been trying to get that together for a long while.

Got up early and went to Joe's Diner at 8 with Tim for breakfast. That was fun and then we went and met with Jesse at the golf course to play at 9. The round was really nice. It was great to be out there in the morning and I played great for the first 7 holes or so. Then it got REALLY hot and muggy out around 11 or so and the second nine was really hard to play in. I shot horribly, but my putting improved and saved my score. I think I shot 84 overall or something, so not bad. :) It was nice hangin with the guys too. I spent a lot of time today calling my Mom off and on about grandma and trying to comfort her. She was pretty sad about everything and really down, so I wanted to be loving and call her a bunch to get her mind off of Grandma. I went over to Liz's house around 3 or so and hung out with her on the front porch and chatted for a couple hours which was oh so nice to do since we'd been running busily for awhile. At 6:30 Liz and I went to meet Tim and his friend Scott and Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We shopped in Wal-Mart during our table wait. :P Dinner was nice; the food was smashingly good. The atmosphere was pretty loud and crazy, but I found it kinda fun. :) After dinner Liz and I went to the Dwelling Place around 9 and participated in her friend Amanda's birthday party which was pretty cool. It was nice to hear her play guitar for us and hopefully she had a nice time. After that, I took Liz back home and we did a little Bible study and stuff which was fun before bed.

Today (Sunday):
This morning was decent. Liz and I went to Sunday School at 9:30 which was encouraging and I got to share some of my thoughts about stuff. I had a really nice talk on the phone with Mom after that and before the 11:00 service. Service was cool too- we had the same guest pastor from last week who was really good and encouraging. :) After service, went to Liz's for lunch and then did a little homework and hung out and chatted and had Bible study in the afternoon which was cool. Went to the church at 5:15 and practiced playing guitar with Matt for the evening worship. It was okay. I had fun playing, but it was kinda stressful too, since I didn't know the music too well and it was hard to keep up with Matt. But, I'd like to do it more I think. :) After evening service, went back to Liz's and she made me some cool oatmeal for dinner. :P Went back home around 9 and talked with my Mom about Grandma for a bit and then chatted with Liz on the phone for a good long while also. And that's about it I guess!

So that's about it. Major stresses right now are Grandma's situation and hoping that my Mom will be okay. So, pray for her if you would. Also, trying to prep and finalize plans for this Friday-Sunday trip to Busch Gardens/VA Beach. I need to get on that pronto. And, I'm starting to realize that I need to start manning up and thinking about big decisions in my life coming up such as marriage/career/etc. Lots of stress to be had, w00t! :P Naw, I just need lots of think time and prayer coverage in the coming months. :)

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