Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Continuing the summer

Well, I think I can certainly delay doing my homework for a bit in order to blog. :-P Needs an update.

Last Monday:
Well this was a long week at work because I worked a lot of overtime in order to take off most of the day on Friday. So, I think I worked until 6:30 on this day and then Liz came over after work and we ate a Tombstone pizza together and chilled a bit. I did homework and she read a little bit. It was nice to be with her. :)

Tuesday morning I crammed in my homework before work. Then worked, had class and worked until 7. I was so pooped after work. Went to Liz's to have dinner with her fam which was cool. After dinner, Liz and I took an hour or so to walk out on the path and watch the sunset together which was pretty incredible. The clouds were just awesome and it helped me to really relax after a long day. I think I relaxed too much. I went home early to study and I tried studying but was way too tired, so I ended up falling asleep at about 10:30. :-/

Got up early to cram for my test, went to work, had my test which wasn't too bad, then worked again until late. After work went to dinner with Liz and Doug Waters at Boudreaux at 6:30. Doug was back in town for just a few days and I hadn't seen him in two years so it was interesting, but nice. Hard to know exactly what to talk about, but it worked out well and was fun. He and Liz came back to my place afterwards and we chilled out with some ice cream and watched Office Space. :-)

Today just work, then school, then work again. Then the night was great. I called up Curt and we went out to PKs together at 7. I wanted to catch up with him for a long time, so I was stoked to get the chance finally. :) We got a chicken wing pizza (which we later won for free on the coin toss :) ) and some drinks and just hung out there until a little after 10. We had a lot to talk about and it was just so nice getting to chat and hear his thoughts on things. It was very cool. :) We went back to my place to chill in the backyard with some cigars and talk some more about anything and everything. I looked at my watch around 1:00am and was like "whoa!, I should get to sleep!". lol. Too much fun. :)

I was so stoked all week for this day to come and it did! I only worked 3 hours this morning and had class, then chilled with Liz at her work for about 30 minutes and then got to packing for the weekend trip! I got Steve and Tim B at 2:30 and we headed off for Virginia Beach. :-) The drive over went well for the most part, with a little traffic around the VA Beach tunnel, but we u-turned and bypassed it which worked out. We got in around 8 to the hostel and then went out on the town for awhile. Got a good pizza at a little bar that was really loud. The waitress was nice but didn't know what root beer was! :-P We managed to get a couple free tickets from a worker on the street(although it was a pain) and went into the small carnaval area that they had set up. We road a sorta scrambler-type ride that scrambles and also moved up and down really fast. Quite cool. :) Then we just walked the main drag, Atlantic Ave, which was happening and then came all the way back along the beach and boardwalk which was pretty cool too. It was fun just hangin with Steve and Tim and we got to bed just after midnight.

I woke up at 6 and walked down to the beach to see the sun coming up. It was pretty nice and there wasn't many people around. I got to spend over an hour just sitting, thinking, praying, reading a couple good Psalms and some in 2 Corinthians. It was such an encouraging morning. :) At 8:30, me, Tim and Steve left to go to Busch Gardens. The drive took just over an hour and we quickly grabbed breakfast at the local McDonald's and then got into a line of cars waiting to get into Busch. Our lane took forever, but we finally made it and met up with Tony, Tim R and Scott at the ticket area about 10:20, then spent the rest of the day doing rides. Was a really good time. The new Dark Castle ride was the first we did and it was decent although not worth the long wait in the hot sun. Coasters we did were Alpengeist, Loch Ness Monster and Apollo's Chariot, all of which didn't have any more than a 30-minute wait which was great! Big Bad Wolf had a huge wait, which was weird so we didn't do it. We also road Pompeii and a couple of smaller rides around the park. Had a bunch of fun on the pirate ship. I think we did that three times total. "whhhheeeeee!!!!" :-D Everybody else seemed to have fun too and we were pretty tired near the end of the day. We left about 6:45 and went over to Wendy's for a quick dinner before parting with Scott. The other five of us drove real fast back to hostel where Tim and Tony needed to check-in by 9pm. The drive took awhile and it was really stressful because I didn't think we'd make it in time. I was praying a lot though and it worked out okay. My car actually got there 10 minutes before Tony, but still wasn't until 9:10. The workers were still there, but they weren't going to let them check in, but I kept at it and she finally gave in and let Tim and Tony pay and be taken care of. :-) Just in time! So everyone showered up quick and we all went out on the town around 10. Walked the strip again some more which was cool and then went over to the games area. Tim B and Tony decided to go on the huge windmill thing. So we all waited for a good hour for them to wait and do it, but they had a great time, so that was cool. By that time it was almost midnight and I was getting tired. We all went down to a bar and sat outside. The other guys got some drinks and settled in for the night, but I was pooped, so me and Steve left around 12:20 and headed back to the hostel by walking the beach. It was such a beautiful night out! It was clear, full low moon over the water and just spectacular. :-D Steve and I got to chat a bit which was really nice and it took us about 45 minutes to get back. I got to bed by 1:30 or so.

I tried to wake up early again, but my body wouldn't let me. Instead I opted for 9am. :-P We all checked out at 9:30 and then Tony, Steve and me went to the beach at 10 and played around in the ocean which was a ton of fun. The waves were pretty strong and I got pretty roughed up, but had a good time. It's so much fun to body-surf your way into the beach on a wave! :-H We did that for a good hour, then showered and met up with everyone for brunch at the Honeybee around 11:30. It was a breakfast buffet which was pretty decent and we all loaded up. :) Filled and armed with Slurpees, we left Virginia Beach for good around 12:45. The drive home was pretty uneventful and we got back just before 6. I then spent a couple hours just catching up/unpacking and stuff like that. Cooked a little mac&cheese and started watching a goofy movie called Thunderpants with Steve a bit after 8. It was about some kid with huge, uncontrollable farts! :-P Liz stopped in sometime after 9, which was a pleasant surprise. She watched the rest of the movie with us and the her and I got to chat for just a little and catch up. :-H We even officially started some new possibilities... ;-) :-H

Yesterday was allright. Worked, went to class, worked some more. After work, came on back and then started prepping for a small cookout. Made some burgers and hot dogs and Liz, Tim, and Curt came over to hang out. It went pretty well. The grill was a pain again to light, but finally did and the food turned out okay and it was nice hanging with everyone. They all left before 10. Tim came back a little after that a we hung the dartboard downstairs. Stoked to play darts again! :-D He left an hour or so later and I just went to bed around 11:30.

Today has been decent. Worked, went to class, saw Liz at her work for a little, went back to work for a while, came home and cooked up dinner for Liz. I made some great spaghetti with the left over meat from the cookout last night and green beans. Turned out really good and we ate at 6 and got to chat a bit. :) She had to leave just before 7 and then I just cleaned up and started doing some laundry and now bloggin! Guess I'll start on my homework now or something...

That's all for now!


LizC said...

Yay, he's back!

Justin said...

yeah, its pretty goofy man. It's Tim's autobiography. :P