Monday, May 16, 2005

well then...

I haven't done this in awhile. My life is going okay overall I suppose. Some things are progressively getting worse, but hopefully will get back on track... I guess I can recap some things from the weeks past.

Looks like the last time I blogged was Wednesday the 4th. Well Thursday the 5th I left Nova and headed back to Blacksburg. I got in the early afternoon and then played nine holes of golf with Liz at the Tech course and spent the evening at her house with her family. My townhouse had lots of people and I spent Thursday night through Monday night sleeping on the floor because Jeremey was still in my room. Anyhow, Friday was a very lazy day. Liz went down to see Mema by herself, so I lounged around the house all day and did basically nothing. I watched We Were Soliders which was a sad movie. Saturday I went down to Mema's with Mrs. P, Doug and Laura and spent the afternoon with them and stuff. Played a fun game of Scrabble. :) That evening we all went out and ate at a Chinese place in Blacksburg which was incredibly good. :H Sunday I got to go back to Harvest for the first time in forever. Liz and I did Sunday school and the service and they were nice. Then we kicked Mrs. P out of the kitchen and cooked lunch for Mother's Day. She was appreciative. :) Liz and I went to Sunday evening service also and afterwards she gave me a very long but very good and very much needed hair cut. Monday was my first day at my new job- Phoenix Integration. It went okay; I was just installing software and stuff. Spent Monday evening at Liz's: we had good sandwiches that she made for dinner and sat with her family on the porch to eat. :) Then watched Series of Unfortunate Events which was curious but good. Tuesday was another long day of work and installing software and stuff. Tuesday night I had dinner with Steve C at Mike's Grill and had fun talking with him. Liz and Laura visted me at my place for an hour or so later that evening which was fun. :) Work Wednesday was the worst ever. I ruined my harddrive with Partition Magic which eliminated the two days of work and tweaking I had done. :-/ Not a good day. After work Tracy moved out and then I went to Awana. It was nice to see the kids and it went well so that was good. Liz and I took a walk around campus after Awana and it was pretty. We sat and talked on the drillfield for a good long while too and worked through some issues... Thursday work was better. Formatted my harddrive and started fresh. After work I went to Liz's and we cooked dinner for her family together. I made chicken brocolli and it turned out great. :) After dinner Liz and I took a nice walk around her area and watched the sunset, then met up at TCBY with Brad and Bec and talked with them for a bit. Came back to Liz's house and we worked toghether at making my school schedule for the next couple semesters. I think I got something good worked out. :) Friday at work I got everything done installing and making and got into slowly going through the software tutorials which were boring and tedious. But, I only worked 6 hours. At 2:30 Liz and I left to drive up to Nova for the weekend. We got there around 6:15, ate some quick food and then drove to McClean Bible Church for the Bebo Norman concert. It ended up not starting until 8, but we got a good seat. The show was great. Sara Groves was sweet, of course Bebo was amazing, and Fernando Ortega was cool too. We got to meet Bebo after the show which was very cool too. He's a great guy. :D Saturday we went with my Mom to Nikki Olivarez's wedding down in Manassas. It was interesting and so was the reception. Around 5, Liz and I left to go to John Barrette's graduation party down in a hotel in D.C. It went really well and I got to see a lot of old buddies- John, Dub, Rob, Jim, Jebbie. It was a lot of fun. :) Liz and I got back around midnight. Sunday morning we were up for the early service at Reston Bible Church which was really good. After church we went with Tim, Tony, Kyle and Jason down to RFK to see the Nationals and Cubs play. We got there late and had so buy tickets from scalpers but it all worked out great and the game was very cool. :) We got back at my house around 6 and then rolled on out and back to Blacksburg. On the way we stopped at Sean's house in Winchester and got to chat with him for an hour which was great. I was stoked to see him. :) We got to Liz's house just after midnight and unloaded. Today, work was very boring. I basically just did those tutorials of the system all day. :-/ After work, I got back and did about an hour of weed-whacking and raking and cleaning the back yard. Then spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the house which was a pit. Liz came over around 6:30 and helped me clean the kitchen, which was a huge help! :) Everything is great now. I made us dinner around 8:30 and we chatted a bit. She left around 10:30 and that's about it for now.

until we meet again,

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Tim said...

Let's go Nats! Had fun with you guys! Tell Liz hi for me!