Wednesday, May 04, 2005

initial reaction

Okay, first review after initial new Dave album listen:

Emm, I'd rank it about 5/10. In terms of Dave albums, second-worse above Everyday.
I dunno. It's too weird for me I think. Definitely too pop-ish. What has happended to the cherished acoustic/live tone of the DMB? This whole album is so mixed and done via the studio that its ridiculous. I don't think they could perform any of these songs live very well because what makes them is the special studio effects. But, maybe they don't plan to. I guess this was an experimental album or something. I do like some of the songs. There's not really any songs I dislike; I could certainly listen to the album again and again. But, they're all so simple. I don't think many reach above 3:30 in length. The whole album is well under an hour long. Ludicrous by former Dave standards. When I heard the word "experimental" with this album, I expected more jamming from the members and more weird mid-song stuff. But, no. Sadly, each song may be very "experimental" compared with other Dave stuff, but its all pop, if not rap. Ick! So, I dunno. I guess its okay, but I hoped for much more. At least I have the WH bonus CD to look forward to! I can guarentee that the live versions of songs on that CD will blow my socks off. :)

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