Friday, May 20, 2005


the work week is over and the weekend reigns! :-D

So, this week has been decent. I've been up and running at work, fixing bugs and learning lots of new things. I've learned Java stuff, API/COM stuff, VB stuff, and then a ton of stuff about how the software and code at my job all works and fits together. I think my brain is a little overwhelmed with new things but its good too. I feel like I can make my way around a little now and am getting comfortable with the system and code. I remember being lost at Carderock for about 4 months at first. I think having that prior job has helped me a lot here at cutting down the learning curve by about 1500%. :P

Cool things this week:
-Tuesday night had fun setting up wireless internet for the Pinckney's. They seemed stoked. :)
-Wednesday I got to have lunch with Liz outside my work for an hour. She looked great and it was such a nice break to sit and talk with her. :H Wednesday also was the Awana awards and then I got to hang out with lots of peeps at Mill Mountain after which was cool. Liz and I hung out at her house that night and had a REALLY nice talk which I was so thankful for. :D
-Thursday was good too. I went to Liz's after work and we had planned on going fishing/grilling but it thunderstormed a ton, so I was a little bummed out about that. It ended up being nice to sit with her on the front porch and watch the storm come in though. :) Also we got to have a great chat about the Bible and she really helped my perspective out a bunch. It was just nice to hang out with her all evening. :)
-Today Liz came in to visit me at work around 10 and it was really cool to see her and show her around.

Bad things this week:
-Tuesday I was going out to play softball but was in a hurry and left my favorite glove on my room, went to Liz's for dinner, then realized I lost my glove. I went back to search the roads and walked 5 miles from my house to Liz's in just under 2 hours, but couldn't find it. Really sucks, I'm still not too happy about it and not sure how to begin searching. :-/

Other things:
-I'm addicted to the new Dave album now. It's really grown on me the more I listen to it. And the live versions they're putting out of their new stuff are ridiculous. :D

-I love my Liz, she's the best! :-H

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