Saturday, April 02, 2005

Berlin, Germany

Let's see. Today I think I did some stuff, but it was long and tiring and boring. Got up at 6:30, showered, had a decent quiet time, then breakfast, then at 8:30 got on the bus and toured around Berlin with the class. We saw a palace which was pretty, then went to a prison where the Nazis tortured and killed a lot of people, and that was rather depressing. Then we went to the Potsdam castle where some important meetings by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin went down. That was cool but long. Then we broke for a two hour lunch in Potsdam and Liz and I just chilled because we were tired and I got a little nap which was nice. Left back on the bus at 2:30 and we went back to the hostel. Then Liz and I went out a little before 4 with the Taylors for the afternoon. We walked around and went shopping and went back to the massive department store and looked at a million cheeses which were very cool. :) Then we went to dinner with them at one of their Italian restruants at 6. It was good food but dinner lasted forever and we left there at 8:30. Walked back to the hostel and then sat and talked with them for a long time. We did get to eat some cool cheese that Liz bought- it was soft with nuts in it and very good. :D Left the hostel about 10:30 and came over here to the internet place to play. That is all.

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