Friday, April 01, 2005

Berlin, Germany

Today was rather boring for the most part. Got up at 6:30, showered and then had a good prayer time which was shweet. :-) Then had breakfast with Liz at 8 and then barely caught the bus to head out at 8:30. That was a little stressful and put a damper on my good mood. :-/ We went to the German parliament building and traveled around it a bit which was neat because the architecture of it was pretty amazing. At 10 we had a meeting with a member of their parliament and it was okay but for the most part I was rather bored with it. Then we walked over somewhere and met with some German princess. I still don't know the relevance of the meeting or who she was, but it was extrodinarily boring. At least we got free cookies. :-D Then, Liz and I had a decent lunch at 1 trying some new types of German sandwiches and pastries. At 2, we met back up with the group and went to a Jewish history museum which was also way boring. By that point in the day I was already incredibly exhausted and the museum was the last straw. Our tour guide spent like 15 minutes picking apart the nuances of paintings. The tour went from like 3-4:30, full of painful boringness and I ran out of there screaming. Walked over with some of the other people to see a cool place called Checkpoint Charlie which is the place where people could cross the East/West German border back in the day. Oh, and we also got to see some of the Berlin Wall that was still up. There's hardly any left, but we saw it and it was cool. :) Got back to the hostel for dinner at 6:30 and after dinner Liz and I did laundry together and had a good Bible study and stuff, then did more laundry. So, not too much tonight. Last thing we did was to come over to this internet place around 10:30. Now we're all done and headed back to the hostel for more laundry and then finally bed! w00t! :-P

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