Thursday, March 31, 2005

Berlin, Germany

Well, there's not a whole ton to report for today. Got up abruptly this morning after sleeping through my alarm and then rushed to get ready and met Liz for breakfast around 7:20. Then went off with everyone else and we left on the bus from Nuremburg and headed to Berlin a bit after 8. The bus ride was loud and boring for the most part and we got to Berlin around 2:30 or so. Checked in to our hostel and then at 3:30 Dr. Schuetz took us for a quick tour of the immediate stuff around our area. We walked through some awesome street merchants with cool things and food that smelled amazing! Then went to a big church that had gotten bombed pretty heavily by us Americans in WWII but had part of it still standing that looked cool. He also took us in a neat mall and then we all split up around 4:30. Liz and I went into this HUGE store which I thought was a mall but it was actually just one store with 7 floors of tons and tons of every possible good that you could every by. Everything from books to T.V.s to Legos to shoes to chocolate to eels. It was completely insane and so much fun to go through. The food section especially was amazing to see! We spent a ton of time on the first few levels so we need to go back there and spend a bunch more time checking out the fooooooood. :-D We raced back to the hostel just in time to make dinner at 6:15 which was pretty decent and we took the better park of an hour to relax and grub. :) Then walked around our block a bit to see if we could find a cheaper place to surf the Internet than at our hostel which is pretty expensive and always busy. And we did and it was cheap and good and not too far! So that was sweet and we spent a little bit of time there before coming back to the hostel. I worked on some schoolwork for a bit and Liz did some stuff for a job she'd like to get. Then we headed back over to the Internet place and did some work and whatnot. Going to head back to the hostel in a few to shower up and get to bed.

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