Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nuremburg, Germany

Today was another tourism-packed day of walking about. I got up at 7 and then quickly scarfed down some breakfast with Liz before we met up with the group at 8 to go out. The bus driver was about 30 minutes late so our rush ended up not mattering anyhow. But, we all went over to a Nazi museum that was built into part of a huge structure that was supposed to be a colisseum that was better than the one built in Rome. The Nazi's were building it but never got to finish it. It was interesting to see and I found the museum rather interesting also about the history of the Nazis and how they came into such ridiculous power. We spent two hours in it and left at 11. Then rode over to a huge field with grandstands which was a former Nazi party rally grounds. It was interesting to see the area where all the Nazi officials were and to stand on the same podium that Hitler used to stand on to make speeches. It felt rather weird, really. Nuremburg was the Nazi party area to have rallies and stuff, so there was stuff everywhere here. But the Germans want to forget all about them, so at this rally grounds there were no markers or indications whatsoever of what it was. We just walked right up and onto the grandstands and would've had no clue what they were if we weren't told. It was a pretty wild experience. After that we drove back into town and they dropped us off for lunch. Liz and I did some shopping and then stopped at a little restraunt and got some great donor kepap sandwiches. They were so great! :-D After that, went one door over and had some incredibly tasty ice cream that rivaled anything I've gotten in Europe so far. :) That was fun and then we made our way back up the hill to the hostel to meet up with our group at 2. We went to a museum for a local artist who was rather famous back in the 1500s. Walked through his house and saw his pictures and stuff. It was okay, but I found it really boring for the most part. Then we went inside the biggest church in the city which was really neat to see and then split up from the group around 4. Liz and I did some shopping for a couple hours and she found a couple new clothing items that she was stoked about. :-) Got back to the hostel just in time for the end of dinner at 6:20. It was pretty good wienerschnitzel with potatoes and veggies and pudding. After dinner I decided to stay in and work on stuff on my computer. I got my pictures all up to date which was a big project. Liz went out around 10 for Ladies' Night tonight and didn't get back until about 11:45. I just spent the evening doing my picture stuff and working on some other things. It was good to get caught up. Now I'm off to bed. :D

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