Sunday, April 03, 2005

Berlin, Germany

Well today was my last day here in Berlin and it was a nice one. I'd say the best part about today was the weather. It was just about as perfect as pefect weather can be, from early this morning to late this evening. It was just fantastic out. :-D So, I slept in until just about 8 and then quickly got ready after a refreshing sleep and then had breakfast. Met up with the group at 8:30 and we went off on a walking tour of East Berlin lead my Dr. Schuetz. It was really stinkin cool. We saw a lot of neat buildings and monuments and such, saw a courtyard where a lot of people were executed by Nazis and that was rather sad and also saw the area of Hitler's bunker where he killed himeself. It was built on top of by apartments now but it was interesting to see where that was. Overall it was a really interesting and nice tour and I really enjoyed it. Got done around 11 and then Liz and I and four other guys went to get doner kabaps for lunch and then we took a train out to a little town outside of Berlin in order to visit a concentration camp. We got to the town around 1:15 and then starting walking. We ended up taking a wrong turn and walked about an hour in the wrong direction. It was a very long walk, but at least it was pretty outside so I wasn't too mad. :-P Took a bus back to our starting point and then went the right way and it took no more than 15 minutes to get there. The concentration camp was called Sachsenhausen and then kept some Jews there but used it mostly for detaining and torturing soldiers from other armies or other people who resisted the Nazis. Most of the original buildings and towers and walls and mass graves are all still there and it was really creepy and very sadenning to be there today. It was just really something else to see and I don't think I was able to fully even comprehend it all. At least it really made me think and be more thankful for not being in such a situation. So we were there from like a little before 3 until 4:45 and then caught a train back to Berlin. Got back to the hostel for dinner around 6:30 which was okay. After dinnner, Liz and I used the last 30 minutes of sunlight outside to have a nice Bible study continuing in 1 Peter. Then at 8:15 we split up for awhile and she went to her room and I came over here to the Internet joint to surf for a bit. I'm getting bored though, so I think I'll close up now. Probably head back to the hostel and clean up and pack for tommorow and then probably see Liz later or maybe even walk her back here. Who knows. Just hope I can get to bed early. :-)

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