Monday, April 25, 2005

Argh, I'm Behind!

I'm too busy...its hard to keep up with this piece. Here's a few quick updates of life here.

Friday night was spent just doing work and stuff, nothing all too exciting. I still suffered from psychological stress from the previous night's haunting and I couldn't bring myself to walk around the Pab very much, and definitley not downstairs. It's way too creepy.

Saturday was a really nice day. I got up early and decided to suprise Liz with some hot chocolate. That was fun and she really liked it. :) Then we worked on our papers and research for the morning. I spent some time taking pictures of the Pab also so I can look back on it. Around 11, we headed off for the day to Lake Como in Italy. We went to the town of Como, had our bag lunches along the beautiful lake and then took a fun boat ride over to the really small shore town of Tremezzo. The huge Villa Carlotta house is there, but even better than that are the gardens that surround it. We spent about two hours walking around the gardens which had beautiful flowers, trees, bushes, fruit and even bamboo. It was quite fun. :) Then we jumped on another boat and went across the lake to the small town of Bellagio which was really cute. We took about an hour to walk around it and see the small streets and shops and stuff and also had some really great gelato. :P We took the long boat back to Como and had dinner at a smaller family Italian restraunt around 7:15. It was quite tasty, a nice atmosphere and we had a great talk. :D Finished dinner at 9:45 and then made a quick walk and then run to the train station and got on literally like 5 seconds before it was going to leave. It was crazy. :) So, Saturday was lots of fun.

Sunday was just a work day really. I was really tired and slept through my alarm until Liz got me up at 9:30. She made me some hot chocolate which was grand. :) Then spent the remainder of the morning researching for my paper. Had lunch at about 1 in the Casa, then went back up to the Pab for more work. Spent the whole afternoon working on my PolySci paper and also doing some Bible research to talk with my teacher about a sermon he wrote. Liz and I worked through dinner but made it down in time to eat some tiramasu. :P It was good. Then spent the evening just doing more work in the Pab. I got to chat with my mom on the phone for about 40 minutes and that was lots of fun. :)

Today, Monday, has been decent. This morning I got up early and finished up my PolySci paper, so I only have one paper left for that class. In English class we had the final exam in which we spent three hours writing three essays consisting of 10 pages of writing about five books. That was a huge pain and killed my brain, but now that class is complete. w00t! :D After that, I took a train out to Como, Italy and picked up Liz's umbrella that we left at the restraunt on Saturday. I also tried to do some shopping but everything was on siesta until 3pm and I had to be back in Riva by 3:30. So, I ended up sprinting across Como and missed the 2:07 train back literally by about 15 seconds. :-/ It started moving out just as I got to the top of the stairs. Then waited around for 30 minutes for the next train and as I pulled into Switzerland, possibly my last memory of Italy was how they randomly played Penny Lane over the loudspeaker as we slowed to a stop in Chiasso. It was really funny and weird. :) Got back in time to sit down with Liz and Dr. Taylor at 3:30 and we talked about his sermon and talked all sorts of Biblical theology and then talked about other things and politics and whatnot. It was a pretty fun chat and I actually enjoyed it for once. :) Lasted about 2 hours, after which I've just been getting caught up on internet activties. Just ate a nice dinner and now I think I need to get into writing my last paper.

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