Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Allmighty, I'm free at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what a feeling, what a wonderful da doo da dee dum

Ah, okay, back to earth. I just finished my last paper of the semester and I'm free for summer! :-D :-D SO stoked right now. But, must concentrate to update on the last couple days.

Um...Monday night ended without much fanfare. Put off starting on my paper and then started packing up my stuff in my room, or at least just organizing it a bit.

Tuesday I had PolySci class from 9-12 which was meh. I got some initial research for my last paper done during it. The afternoon was spent with Liz and a bunch of other students. We took a train and then went on a ski lift up the Swiss Alp of Monte Tamaro. It was really stinkin awesome. We were up so high and it was just incredibly beautiful! I totally felt like I was in Heidi or something. :-D And the weather was just about as perfect as ever. There was a really cool church up on the summit as well that was neat to see. It was good times. The whole trip lasted from about 12-5. Got back, slacked around until dinner, then after dinner I spent a couple hours trying to figure out class scheduling stuff for the summer and fall. It's being a real pain to know what to do, there's so many variables involved. :-/ I gotta pray more...around 10 Liz and I went up to the Pab and I brain dumped on the porch for an hour and a half and watched the peaceful town of Riva at night. It was neat. :D

Today has been totally work. Got up early and had a great quiet time, then researched for a little over two hours. English class didn't start until 10:45 and he only went until like 11:15. It was kinda pointless. I then read a bunch more and did some Internet business. Lunch was good and was at 1. After lunch, I got up to the Pab around 1:45, sat out on the porch in the nice sun, researched, and then wrote a bunch of my paper until just about 7. Went down with Liz for dinner at 7 which was VERY filling and had great ice cream. :) Then worked on my paper some more from like 8 until about 9:15 and then just finished it up! Oh, its awesome to be done!!! :-DDDDDD Well, I think I'll just goof around tonight for once!

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