Friday, April 22, 2005

a few updates

Yo. Not too much happening around these parts. Yesterday I had blah PolySci class and then spent the whole afternoon finishing up my paper for that class. Got it done and turned in right before dinner, so I was stoked about that. After dinner, Liz and I worked up in the Pab and I got another Ed story done for that class. The most exciting event of the day and the most exciting for me in quite some time was getting haunted up there. Liz and I were working all alone in the basement room of the house and nobody else was in the entire house because many are gone for the weekend. It was about 10pm and about an hour earlier we had heard a weird, unexplained bang that was kinda weird and I had just joked saying it was 'ghosts' because I had heard rumors of the Pab being haunted. So, anyhow, I'm sitting there with my headphones on and I thought I heard another bang, but I wasn't sure but Liz looked at me weird. I tried to ignore this fact, but then she looked at me again and looked a little scared, so I was getting freaked out. Then she poked my arm and I took off my ear phones and she started like pointing at the closed door of the weight room and looking all scared. All of a sudden the door went BOOM! really loudly and I jumped like two feet in my seat. I was so freaked out and shaking because I thought it was a closed in room with no windows or anything. So, we slowly walked to the door and flung it open, backing out of the way and peeking in. The window was open and it was the wind. But, I was so on edge for the rest of the night. About 30 minutes later, we heard the front door bang which is normal for somebody coming in the house but I jumped again and was freaked. But we didn't hear anybody walking anywhere which was really weird and it was still stone quiet in the place. Liz decided to go investigate while I cowered in the basement. She started walking around calling "hello?" really loudly and her voice was echoing around the entire house, but nobody was responding. I was really scared and something just seemed horribly wrong. Then I heard Liz open the front door and start calling outside and I was just like freaked and so scared for her and as she was calling there was this rustling noise on the basement window which totally freaked me out. I was shaking so bad and just as I was getting up to go grab Liz and protect her from the insanity, Stevie, her roomate came out of the downstairs bathroom and was just like, "hey guys, what's up?" She had just come in and gone to the bathroom and was so clueless. I was a basket case and Liz was a little freaked out too and it was kinda funny. So that was our haunting of the night. After all of that I couldn't calm down my nerves the rest of the night and I went into my dark room where the window was wide open, didn't even bother to change, jumped into my bed, pulled my blanket over my head and went to sleep freaked out. It was ridiculous. We're usually gone on the weekends, so this was the first time I'd been relatively alone in this house and it really is the perfect haunted house. It will freak you out at night and drive you bonkers if you're alone here, guarenteed. :)

So that was last night. I woke up this morning with the after effects of last night and couldn't bring myself to go back downstairs until there was more sunlight involved, so I showered upstairs for the first time. Then had a good quiet time which calmed me down and helped me to remember God's goodness. Then spent the morning writing another Ed story. Had a little bad lunch with Liz around 1 and a nice chat. Then the afternoon was spent finishing another Ed story and revising two others, so now I'm done with all the work for that class! yay! :) Liz and I went for a little walk around 4:30 and went down to the lake and got to sit and chat and relax for a bit. Then came back for a nice dinner tonight and finished that a bit ago. I just got my PolySci paper back and got an A on it, so I'm stoked about that. :-D I just have two more papers to do for that class and then my work for the semester is through! Okay, well I'm probably going to go work on my paper some more tonight so I can knock it out. Peace.


Tim said...


what date and time you gettin home back at Dulles? You may have to watch out for fat people and skinny people who look like alf.

Anonymous said...

Haha Jussy, never really read your blog before but that one mad em crack up, it was great, sorry if you don't want me to laugh. :) Tell the liz hey and ttyl