Friday, March 25, 2005

Zell Am See, Austria

Well, today was rather blah for the large part. It rained all day and was kinda lousy. I got up at 7:45 after bashing my snooze button about 10 times, showered and then met Liz at 8:30 for breakfast. The buffet here is pretty nice; they have a ton of stuff to eat there and this really good spicey soup that I liked a lot. :) We had too much to eat and then had to catch the bus around 9:30 and ended up running to it, but the driver waited for us and we jumped on. Got to the train station just in time to make our 10am train to Zell am See, a little Austrian resort town that was supposed to be beautiful. Only problem is, today was dark, cloudy, drizzly, rainy, snowy, and very cold. :-( So we got there and the weather sucked and we could hardly see the Alps through the clouds and the big lake was frozen over and there was still snow everywhere. :-/ So, we took about 2 hours and wandered about town checking out stores and stuff and then deemed that there was nothing better to do, so we took a train out of there around 2:30 in the afternoon. Got back to the hostel around 4:30 and then spent the evening just working on stuff in my room. It was great again because I didn't have roomates for the second night in a row so we had a nice place to relax and work in quiet. Liz got some good stuff done and we had a good time also doing some hypothetical financial planning for our upcoming future depending on some key decisions. :-D Ended the night with a little Bible study which was cool and now I'm about to sleep.

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