Thursday, March 24, 2005

Salzburg, Austria

Today was a fairly fun day. The train ride lasted until about 9am and I woke up just a little while before then. I got fairly decent sleep in the train beds so that was awesome. :) Then, changed trains and had a good ride from Munich to Salzurg where we got in around 10:45. We took a bus across the city to our hostel and checked in and then made some plans for the day and headed out around 12:30. First, we went down by the river and walked along it by some really awesome houses that were just beautiful. I really enjoyed them before we came to a section of the city with a bunch of shops. We spent some time wandered around the streets and checking in various shops for gifts and whatnot. Grabbed some lunch which was cool and different- cream cheese with tomato sandwiches that were quite decent. :) After that we found a really pretty garden area that we spent some time wandering around in and then sitting and relaxing in for awhile. We then went back across the river to the old-town section of Salzburg where we spent a couple hours wandering about the stores, saw some really sweet churches and got good ice cream. :) Right before 6:00, one of the highlights was standing in the square in front of St. Peter's church and listening to a choir practice in the building next to us. They sounded beautiful and it was just very awesome to listen to. We also saw the graveyard behind St. Peter's which was very pretty for a cemetary. It had a lot of character to it and we enjoyed walking through t a bunch. Then we took a very steep climb up a long slope to reach the top of a big fortress that was built on a large hill overlooking Salzburg. We got up there just in time to see the end of the sunset which was amazingly pretty. The views of Salzburg were very nice as well on all sides of the fortress. On one side there were amazing Alps jutting out of a low fog which was really cool and the moon was full and bright rising over top of them and then on the other side was the city with all the church steeples and things and we stood there and listened to all the beautiful bells echoing around the valley as it turned 7:00. It was so beautiful and relaxing. :-D We finally got down from there and then went out to eat at a little place for dinner where we both got a bratwurst sausage plate which was quite decent. Got back to the hostel at 8:30 and then spent the next couple hours working on a few things, reading our book together and then chatting. It's been a full day, so I think I deserve a little sleep now!

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