Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bratislava, Slovakia

Today had been a pretty good day. I got up at 7, showered and then packed and met Liz at 8 and we went down for a yummy buffet breakfast. Then headed out of the hostel for the last time. The Salzburg morning weather was absolutely amazing! The rain yesterday cleared it out and you could see the Alps for miles and miles and everything was so clear and sunny and just beautiful. It was great...I wish I could stay an extra day! :-) So, anyhow, we went back into old town around 9 and went to an Internet cafe and Liz got some important things done there which was really good and then we headed over to catch our train out of town at 11. The train ride was good and we got into Bratislava, Slovakia around 3:45. We met up with a missionary family from our church- The Eades at the train station and they are really nice people. They have two boys, one in 10th grade and one in 7th. :) So, we went with them and they took us up to the Bratislava castle and we got to see some pretty views of the city below. And then we went out to dinner around 5:15 and it was amazing. I think it might have been my favorite dinner in Europe so far. It was huge, cheap and SO good! :-D I had tomato soup that had tons of cheese and brocolli and spices in die for. Then a plate of pork with cheese and potatoes in it, rice with mushrooms and a little salad. It all tasted so amazing and best of all, there was a lot of it. I think it was one of the largest portions of food I've had in Europe so far. :-H So that was stinkin great and then they took us back to their house where we hung out all evening. They have a nice place and its so great to be in a house for the first time this semester. Its nice and quiet and private and homely. :-) So, we had a nice time with them, Mrs. Eade made us chocolate chip cookies and we talked some, I fixed there computer, and I have Internet access, so I can post these blogs from the past few days! Yay! It's so cool to be here and we get to go to Easter service at their church in the morning, which I'm pumped about. :-D Okay, well I'm getting to bed now.

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