Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bratislava, Slovakia

Today was a very nice relaxing Easter Sunday. :-) I got up at 7, took a shower and started having a quiet time and then at 8, Mr. Eade started running around the house in his P.J.s banging on doors and telling everyone that he had just found out that today was also Europe' daylight savings time change and that church was in 20 minutes, not an hour and 20 minutes! That was pretty exciting and got everyone pretty stirred up and I was thankful that I had woken up so early. :) So, we all got ready in a rush and then walked across their yard to their church for service at 9:30. Service was cool, it was so nice to be back in a church of believers. :-D The whole thing was done in Sloviak, but their son, Chase, translated it for me the whole time, so it was very nice. Also, a lot of the songs were the same tunes as the hymns we usually sing, only they were also in Sloviak, but fun to try singing in a new language. service was pretty long there and lasted for about an hour and 45 minutes but was really nice to be at. Went back to the Eades' and just chilled out for a bit and Mrs. Eade made us the most incredible lunch that was just so good. :):):) So, we all had lunch and then just had a royally lazy afternoon of reading magazines, sitting on the couch and surfing the Internet. It was pretty rainy out too, so we didn't want to go out. It was so nice to have a house to be lazy and do nothing in though. :D Then, we went to evening service at 5 which was cool. We watched a video about the Resurrection and it was in English and interesting. That lasted until 6 and then we had some good sandwiches for dinner with them and Mrs. Eade had made an amazing apple pie which was so good! Mmmm! :-D So, we stuffed ourselves some more and they took us to the train station to catch our train out of town at 8:30. I miss being with them already, it was so nice! :P So, our train ride was about an hour, then we navigated the metro in Vienna here which makes no sense, but finally found our way to our hostel out in the boonies, but now we're all settled in back in Austria and I'm ready to sleep!

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