Monday, March 28, 2005

Vienna, Austria

Well, today I was exhausted, but it was a pretty decent day overall. We spent the day fooling around Vienna, which is a pretty city, but to be honest, I'm really sick of cities. :-/ Anyhow, got up at 7, showered and such and then met Liz for breakfast at 8. It was okay, but sucked in comparision to what they had advertised. :-( After eating, we headed out on the town by 9:30. We went to the center of town and just wandered around seeing some cool buildings and churches and whatnot. Then we found the Spanish Riding School that Liz really wanted to see, so we went into the museum there and learned about the horses and watched a cool video all about them. It was really neat and Liz got a kick out of it. :) In the afternoon, we wandered a bit more, then found our way to a nice garden around 1:30 and sat there and just basked in the nice sunlight for a bit. It was really pretty there and then we ended up talking for a very long time and sorting out some feelings between us since we hadn't talked in awhile and then had a good Bible study and by the time it was all said in done, we didn't leave the park until 5! Craziness, but fun. :-D After the park, we wandered around to a few more crucial Vienna buildings and then made our way over to an awesome wiener schnitzel place that Mr. Eade highly recommended, but it was closed today, so that was lousy. :-( So, we wandered the city some more looking for somewhere to eat and we finally found a nice place with decently priced and good tasting food. Had a nice two hour dinner and talk about life and our direction in it together. :-) It was good and then we tunneled through the metro again, back to our hostel where we chilled a little more and I found out that I was extremely dehydrated when I almost fainted in the hall. That was rather scary/exciting, but I feel better now and really need to get some rest!

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