Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Travel Day

Well there wasn't all too much for today except for travelling. Got up at 6:30, showered and such, then had breakfast with Liz around 7:30. A little after 8 we left the hostel and decided to run around to the major London sites before we had to leave on our bus at 10:30. So we jumped on the metro and went to Buckingham Palace which was okay. It was pretty, especially the gardens, but the palace itself wasn't that incredible. Then got back on the metro and went down to see the London Tower which was a cool castleish thing and the Tower Bridge on the river behind it. The bridge was really awesome- its the bridge that's always mistakenly called the London Bridge. Quickly saw those things then got back on the metro and came up at Big Ben and the Parliament building. Spent about three minutes looking at those really quick before ducking back into the metro and heading off to our bus stop. Rushed to the bus and made it just in time. :) Took the bus to Luton Airport, checked in, had a lunch consisting of sweets, ice cream and chocolate-filled eggs then left on a RyanAir plane at 1:40 bound for Spain. Got in early and then waited around for a bus to Barcelona. RyanAir was sweet- its the smoothest airline I've ever been on. The check-in was quick and easy, security was fast, getting on the plane and sitting was quick and easy and I got our luggage about 15 minutes after we got off the plane and we even got in like 30 minutes early to Spain. It was grand. :) Anyhow, we took a bus out to Barcelona then rode the Barcelona metro around a bit until we found our next bus connection out to Tossa de Mar. It left at 8:15 and we got out to Tossa at 9:30. Then walked around a bit and found the hostel we wanted to stay in. It is the sweetest place ever. It's like a big house that this Spanish couple lives in and they rent out rooms to guests. The lady here speaks no English at all but she is so nice and I fumbled through a little Spanish with her and we figured everything out to get two seperate rooms for a good price. :) The place is so cool- its like being at home, she made my bed and brought me towels and stuff and we're getting breakfast in bed tommorow. Mmm! I'm so stoked to be here for the next four days, its gonna be great. :) Well, I think I've had enough fun for tonight, I'm out to bed!

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