Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tossa De Mar, Spain

Today was super chill. Got up at 7:15, showered and stuff and then the nice lady here brought Liz and I breakfast up to our rooms at 8:30. It was sweet with good coffee, incredible orange juice, lots of decent bread and some good crossants. :) It was grand. I think we spent almost an hour eating and then went down to the beach. It was a little brisk out a first and we found some nice rocks on to block the wind. We spent two plus hours chillin there and talking and singing and stuff which was cool. And it warmed up a bit by noon. It was very nice and warm enough even for me to take off my shirt. :) Then we went around town to try and find somewhere to eat lunch. It was kind of hard because so much of Tossa is closed because its March and its a resort town so its out of season. The few restraunts that are open are very expensive. So we actually found a thrift shop which was cool and Liz got some clothes and then we found a small grocery store and picked up some supplies in order to make sandwiches for lunch. We went back to the hostel and made cream cheese, salami and other cheese sandwiches which were really great. :) We ate and then around 3:30 got back to the beach. We decided to walk around and explore another area which was really rocky. We climbed around on the rocks awhile which was fun, but a little scary at times. Then sat on some rocks and had a nice Bible study together for over an hour in 1 Peter 1. It was really great and we finished that up around 6:15. Then in the final hours of sunlight we hiked up to the highest point on the cliffs and saw some sweet views of Tossa and the ocean and stuff. It was most beautiful. :) It got dark and we headed into town for dinner and found a nice place a little before 8. It ended up being awesome. They had a great seafood deal and I got 2 dishes, water, wine and desert for 14 euros. :-D It was amazing too! The wine was red with a bunch of fruits chopped up and put in it to make it taste mighty good. Then I got cream of lobster soup which was ridiculous good and then a local white fish dish which was to die for. It was so tasty! :-D Then I had a good dessert of carmel-jelloish stuff. Everything was just great and filling and we were there just about 2 1/2 hours until 10:15. We wandered on back here and talked a bit and then I've played on my computer a little, but now I think I'll sleep.

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