Tuesday, March 08, 2005

London, England

Today was spent mostly in London which we made a lot more chill than I thought it would be. Started off the day at 6:15 and went down for breakfast at 6:30 with Liz, then rushed to the bus stop for our bus to London at 7. Got there just in time. The ride went well and we got some rest and then got into London around 10:20. Went to our hostel and checked in there and then spent some time planning the day. It was a little hard deciding what to do because there's so much in London, but we narrowed it down to a few things and then headed out. The first thing we went to was farthest away, it was the Kew Gardens and we got there a bit after 1. Found some great cheap food for lunch. It was like lamb and steak pot pies sort of andthey were quite good. :) Got into the gardens a bit after 2 and it was a huge place with a lot to see, so we decided to just spend a lot of time there and relax instead of racing around London. We saw a lot of beautiful plants and flowers and there were a lot of indoor areas with warmer plants which were neat. There was also even a small aquarium area with some cool fish. So we had a nice time just abling through the gardens and relaxing and left around 4:30. We took the metro back across town and went over to Her Majesty's theatre to see if there were tickets left for the 7:30 showing of Phantom of the Opera. Liz has wanted to see it really badly for a long time and we noticed earlier that it was showing tonight, so we went to enquire and indeed there were some tickets left, so that was super. :) Got tickets, then went out for dinner at a pizza buffet place that was cheap, good and fun, kind of like a CiCi's back in the States. Ate a ton of food there. :P Then headed back to the theatre just in time for the show. Phantom of the Opera was really pretty cool. The theatre was really neat inside and we got cheap balcony seats. The view wasn't the best and was just slightly obstructed, but for the most part not too bad. The play itself was neat. The actors did a great job, the set and effects were very nice and the music was beautiful. Actually the music and singing was probably the best part of it and I enjoyed it a bunch. It was a little hard to follow the plot, but I think I got the jest of it. :) That lasted until 10, then we metroed our way back to the hostel and spent some time planning for the morning tommorow to squeeze in a few major London sights that we missed today. I think we have a good plan ready and I think I need to rest before it.

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