Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tossa De Mar, Spain

I had a nice day today. It started off waking up around 6:45, throwing on some clothes, grabbing Liz and heading toward the beach to see the sunrise. We climed up on some cliffs and were able to see it today and it was beautiful. :-) It came up around 7:15 and we enjoyed it and then headed back. Got in around 7:45 and I rolled back into bed for the next three hours. Got up just before 11 and then had a good brunch with Liz from the foods that we bought at the grocery yesterday. It was grand and then just after noon we headed out to the beach. It was a beautiful day out today and the sun was bright and warmed us up quite nice. Only problem was, it was very, very windy out today so it was hard to find warm spots out of the wind. We found a nice place on some rocks and we sat there awhile and then went down and sat on the sand which was warmer. And then for the main event- we were lunatics and decided to take a quick "swim" in the Meddeterainean Sea while we had the chance to. So we both had our swim suits on and we ran into it together and jumped in. And it was freezing! It was so ridiculously cold in there and then we both did it a second time so we could get pictures of each other. We were nuts! :P It was cold, but a lot of fun too and something we HAD to do since we were here only once. :) Then, we dried on the beach for a long time in the nice, warm sun and then wandered over to the castle and walked up it. It was really neat and offered some amazing views of the ocean and of Tossa. I really enjoyed the walk and then Liz and I found a nice place to sit and chat up there for quite awhile before sunset. We headed off to town and found somewhere to eat around 6:45. I got some good seafood spaghetti and grilled Hake fish and both were excellent. It was a nice dinner and we had a nice conversation about deep stuff for about three hours there. :) We finally left and then came back here and chatted briefly and now I'm going to bed!

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