Sunday, March 13, 2005

Girona, Spain

Today was not all too bad. I struggled out of bed around 7:30, showered up and stuff, then packed all my things to finally leave Tossa. Met with Liz a little before 9 and we headed out. Said our final goodbyes to Carmen Pepi, the owner of the place we stayed at. She was so nice to us and fun to talk to, even though she knew zero English. I was able to communicate pretty well through the small Spanish I know and the use of hand motions. :) So, we left her and then went to the beach and had some breakfast together. It was nice and we chilled there a bit before wandering off to catch our bus at 11:30. Took the bus to Girona Airport and then caught another bus to get us to the Girona city and train station. Dropped off our luggage there around 1 and then we headed off to explore Girona. We started off by finding a little park and we sat there and chatted for a long time and then prayed for awhile together which was nice. Then wandered around some more, found a really big park which was quite purdy and walked around that, then walked a bit more. Liz was getting really sick today and she was very tired, so I had us stop around 3:45 and she took a nap on a bench in the city for a little over an hour. I sat there and just relaxed and watched people. People watching is so much fun, I've forgotten how much I enjoy it because its rare that I ever get the chance to slow down enough in my life in order to observe others. So, I got a great kick out of that and it was just really relaxing out. It was warm, the late afternoon sun was on us, the area of the city was pretty quiet and there was just a small breeze. It was most enjoyable. :) We got up and left around 5:30 and wandered off in search of a Chinese restraunt to satisfy our cravings. We couldn't find one at all but we did happen upon the old-town Girona which was really stinkin cool. I liked it a ton and there were two neat cathedrals and some beautiful gardens and the buildings were all in old-style stones and stuff. It was really cool. For dinner, we finally settled upon a cafe shop. Hardly anything else was open in all of Girona on Sunday evening. But this place ended up being cool and we got a couple pizzas and a sandwich. Then wandered back to the train station and got on our long 12-hour train to Milan at 9:45. The seats on this thing are sweet- they are automatically controlled and recline way back in order to help you to sleep. Its also very smooth and quiet compared to other trains I've been on. I hope to sleep well on this!

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