Monday, March 14, 2005

Back to Riva

Today I returned back "home" to Riva after a long, nice spring break. I got a lot of good rest on the long overnight train which got into Milan around 9. Then we caught two other trains and made it back to the Casa at 11, just in time to catch the last hour of English class. After class, worked on my computer some, then had a nice lunch. After lunch, Liz and I took about 30 minutes and had a good Bible study. We've resolved to spend about 30 minutes or so each day after lunch alternating between Bible study and reading a book about marriage preperation which I think will work out really nice. So, after that I spent most of the afternoon working on catching up with stuff on my computer and posting up a bunch of new pictures on my pictures page, so check them out! I did run into a problem where I accidentally permanentley deleted a bunch of pictures from London and tried for about 2 hours to get them back unsuccessfully, so that kinda sucked. :-/ But, then we had dinner and I worked after dinner on pictures and some other stuff and then rolled up to the Pab around 10:30. Got myself all unpacked and moved in so that was nice and now feel ready for bed.

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