Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Money Money

Ah, today was largely boring. Got up at 6:45, showered, then had a nice quiet time. Met Liz at 8:30 and we started into our new idea of having a 10-minute Psalm and prayer time together before the day. It was really nice, then we had breakfast and PolySci class from 9-12 which was blahhh. After class Liz and I talked with the professor about Bible theology and stuff which was fun. CLT talks to us every so often when he feels theological. :P Then had lunch at 1 and then after lunch Liz and I spent an hour reading and discussing our marriage book which went well. The rest of the afternoon after that I spent trying to figure out my schedule for classes for the rest of my college career and also trying to do accounting for Liz and I for this semester. That was very hard because we've both been spending each other's money as if we were married, so its hard to go back and seperate out who owes who what. So that was a large task that took me until about 8:30 to finally finish, with some time for dinner in between at 7. Then Liz and I spent some time surfing around the net trying to find her a good job for the summer but didn't find too much. :-/ We had a lot of fun though and some good laughs together. :) Got back up the the Pab around 11:30, spent a little more time joking with Liz and having a moment of silence for my Mp3 player adapter which I fried on 240V foreign currency. :P It was a somber moment which prepped me for bed now.

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