Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Not Much

Not all too much happened today. Got up at 6:45 and did my normal thing for the most part except today was laundry day which always sucks and Liz's card broke so that made it a little more stressful, but we finally got laundry done throughout the day. Had breakfast quick, then English class dragged from 9-12. Had lunch at 1 and then had a good Bible study with Liz after lunch. After that I spent most of the afternoon being bored working on accounting stuff. I finally got my checkbook and accounts all up to date and balanced for the first time this semester and also came to the sad realization that I've gone horribly broke. :-/ Oh well. Liz gave me an awesome haircut from about 5-6 and then we had a good dinner at 7. After dinner I had a good talk with Liz and we spent some time planning for this coming weekend and finally decided to go to Nice, France with the other couples which should be a lot of fun. Went up to the Pab around midnight or so and found out that my roomates birthday is today (17th) and they're out celebrating of which I knew nothing of. So, I felt pretty bad about not going out with him, but oh well. I think I'll sleep it off or something.

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