Monday, March 21, 2005

Such and such

Well today wasn't all that much. I was really tired and could hardly wake up but finally did so around 7:40. Showered and then unpacked a little before meeting Liz for breakfast at 8:30. Had English class from 9-12 which wasn't too bad and then after played on my computer a bit, had lunch at 1, then Bible study and good talk with Liz after lunch and then I spent the afternoon just finishing up trip planning and doing a few other projects on my computer. Not too much exciting. Chatted with Liz some more before a group meeting at 5 which was blah and then did more work until dinner at 7. After dinner our class watched the movie Goodbye, Lenin for our Political Science class. It was actually pretty decent and kinda interesting. That lasted until about 10:20 and then I went back up to the library to work on my computer some more and work with Liz on her class scheduling and whatnot. Also got signed up for a new Fantasy Baseball season, w00t! :-P Okay, well I'm finally getting to bed now.

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