Sunday, March 20, 2005

Back in Riva once again

Hey there. Today we came back to Riva. Boo. :-( I got up at 6:40 and then at 6:45, Liz and I walked down to the beach and watched the sunrise, or what there was of it since it was a bit cloudy. It was nice out though and a good time. Around 8:15 we walked up on this big hill which ended up being a huge park up top with a great view of Nice and the ocean and stuff and there were a lot of pretty trees and even some Celtic ruins mixed in among other things. It was quite cool, but we kind of had to race through quick to make our train later. So, went down, got back to the hostel, packed quick, then scarfed down some breakfast before jumping on the train back to Riva at 10. The ride went okay, but I was in a rather bad mood so didn't do too much but slept a lot. :-/ Got back to the Casa around 5 and then spent the evening on my computer catching up on stuff and then had dinner at 7 and after that planned a long Easter break trip to Austria and Slovakia with Liz. That was rather complex and took some doing, but finally got it just about totally finalized around 12:30 and walked up here for some rest.

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