Saturday, March 19, 2005

Cannes and Nice, France

We mixed it up a little today by heading down the coast to Cannes, France. I got up at 7, showered and had a good quiet time and then met Liz at 8:45 for breakfast which was decent. Then we rolled down to the train station and met up with Chris and Megan at 10:00. We barely made the train in time and went down to Cannes for the afternoon. It was about a half-hour ride and Cannes was pretty cool. We walked by the beach a bit- which was nice because it had sand and saw some really nice boats and stuff. :-) There was also a fun area that had a bunch of tiles with hands imprinted in it of various celebrities- kind of the in Hollywood. So that was neat and then we went over to a big flea market thing that was going on and I did some shopping for my fam there. :) Liz and I stopped for lunch around 12:45 and got a great crepe, a huge doughnut thingy and two great cheese and ham sandwiches. :-P 'Twas great stuff and then we headed back towards the beach to meet Chris and Megan around 1:30. Found them and then spen like the next 2 1/2 hours passed out on the beach catchin' rays. It was nice and warm but a little breezier than in Nice. Cannes was beautiful though and I enjoyed the experience there. :) Liz and I caught a train at 4:30 back to Nice, went back towards the hostel, wandered a bit inside a cool mall, then made it back to change and shower off the sand and whatnot and then headed back out on the town around 6:30. We wandered off towards old-town again to explore and I searched and searched for a building on a street that I have begun to believe does not exist. :-/ Oh well. We went back to the cool ruins area where we went with the couples last night and it was beautiful and had some time to relax and think looking out over the water. That was really nice and then we wandered some looking for somewhere to have dinner. After some wandering we finally found an awesome place that made huge, good pizzas for not much money. It was just perfect and we had a great time there and a good talk about life. :-D Got back to the hostel around 10:30 and read our book together for about 40 minutes and now I'm going to bed so I can make the sunrise in the morning. :)


LizC said...

Wish I were there... missing you.

Justin said...